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By Tom Sinclair
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Everybody knows that adding insulation to the attic is a great way to save on your heating costs. But what if you live in the Deep South where the temperature only gets below 20° once or twice a year? Can adding insulation help reduce cooling costs, too?Yes. Anytime your increase the depth of the insulation, you increase it ability to prevent heat from moving. In the winter, the heat wants to move up and out of the living space to the attic. In the summer when the attic heats up, the heat wants to move down towards the ceiling. Thicker insulation slows this process.How much? Check out this link for a chart showing how much insulation you need depending on where you live. http://www1.eere.energy.gov/consumer/tips/insulation.htmlQuestions? Feel free to call or email.Tom SinclairAbout the ...
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