Isle Dauphine Beach Front Golf Cafe (Dauphin Island, AL)
By Marion Laney, Seen it & Done it on the Gulf Coast's "ForgottenGu
(ACP Real Estate, inc)
One of the areas I enjoy focusing on I have dubbed the "ForgottenGulf" .  This area encompasses coastal Alabama and parts of Mississippi.  My favorite subject in this area is Dauphin Island, which for unknown reasons was labeled as "destroyed" by hurricane Katrina by media outlets.  Nothing could have been further from the truth and has just added further veracity to my term for the region.  Yes there was damage, I lost a cottage that had been on the glorified but glorious sandbar called the WestEnd.  It sat a few hundred feet from the hightide line, it had survived many storms at 13 ft above sea-level and was destroyed by another home hitting it.  The house directly behind it was practically untouched.  The reason I say the damages were overblown is I have another home 1 mile to the Ea...
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