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By Elizabeth Weintraub Sacramento Broker, Put 40 years of experience to work for you
(Elizabeth Anne Weintraub, Broker)
This rock is more than 200 feet tall, and I only wish that there had been a whale next to it for comparison purposes. This upper part of the totem pole in the Whale House in Kasaan is more than 200 years old, and is actually part of a support column. There are 4 huge logs that are used as columns. This is under renovation to be restored. This is nothing like the little slugs that slither across our sidewalks in Sacramento, leaving a trail of slime, they are huge, and you have to be very careful not to step on them and become a slug killer. You can see the mist still rolling at noon across the mountain top in the upper right corner. This is a national forest, the Tongass.
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