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By Richard Weeks, REALTOR®, Broker
Houston Texas area real estate market update as of October 20, 2021.New properties for sale 333Back on market listings 99Price decrease listings 279Price increase listings 90Option pending listings 341Pending continue to show 36Listings that are now pending 376Listings that have sold 332Listings that will be coming Soon 80Listings That Have Been Withdrawn 32Listing That Have Expired 17Listings That Have Terminated 75
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Black Tupelo: Recommended New Montgomery County, Maryland TreeMontgomery County Executive Marc Elrich is recommending, through legislation, the designation of the black tupelo as the newest County symbol. The black tupelo was selected for recommendation as a County tree based on a selection process conducted by the Forest Conservation Advisory Committee (FCAC) at the request of the Department of Environmental Protection.The black tupelo, a common name for the Nyssa sylvatica and also known as blackgum, sourgum, pepperidge, tupelo and tupelo-gum, was unanimously supported by the FCAC. Along with Maryland’s State Tree, the white oak, the designation of black tupelo as Montgomery County’s tree will both celebrate the species and promote all trees.The largest known black tupelo tree in Mary...
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By Joe Petrowsky, Your Mortgage Consultant for Life
(Mortgage Consultant, Right Trac Financial Group, Inc. NMLS # 2709)
“Strange for Sure” A lawyer named Strange passed away. His friend asked the tombstone maker to inscribe on his tombstone, "Here lies Strange, an honest man, and a lawyer."The inscriber insisted that such an inscription would be confusing, for a passerby would tend to think that three men were buried under the stone.However, he suggested an alternative. He would inscribe, "Here lies a man who was both honest and a lawyer."That way, whenever anyone walked by the tombstone and read it, they would be certain to remark, "That's Strange.” 
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By Richard Weeks, REALTOR®, Broker
Here is the north Texas real estate market update as of  October 20, 2021.New properties for sale 362Back on the market listing 94Price decrease listings 167Price increase 52Active kick out 11Active option contract 430Active contingent 59Pending listings 520Sold listings 464Expired listings 19Cancelled listings 50Withdrawn listings 3Temporary off market listings 37Coming soon listings 97
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By Mark Maupin See Blog Free Investors Training, National Real Estate Investors Network Host
(National Real Estate Network, LLC)
 Must Have for Wholesalers and Active Real Estate Investor Best Outsourcing Service in Tri-County-Mi Having the most cost effective real estate assistant:- will write the pa- order the title work- clear all title issues conditions for closing- notary- talk handle the all communication between buyer and seller- handle assignment of purchase agreement- due the deeds- due the closing package as she works for the title company- removes you from the detail work frees you up to do more deals Please Like Our Video and Subscribe to Our Channel  Educational Video on Real Estate Investing plus copies of all our meetings Enjoy Like and Join:  The best funding source for all your investor's  Six Thousand Members - Our Meetup, ...
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By Mark Maupin See Blog Free Investors Training, National Real Estate Investors Network Host
(National Real Estate Network, LLC)
 Best Place for Free training  on Wholesaling -Networking - Find Fix and Sell - Investor Training Lease options, Rent to own, Investor friendly title company, real estate attorney,buyer favorable PA, How to Wholesale real estate and etc: Best meetup site for live, Zoom meetings, seminars, and networking: Please Like Our Video and Subscribe to Our Channel  Educational Video on Real Estate Investing plus copies of all our meetings Enjoy Like and Join:  The best funding source for all your investor's  Six Thousand Members - Our Meetup, Real Estate Investing, Wholesaling, Find-Fix-Sell, land-lording, lease options, Networking, Seminars, ...
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If you are looking for a way to stand out from the crowd as a real estate marketing professional consider taking a page from the play-book of the best luxury retailers during the Holiday season.     For many retail businesses the vast majority of sales occur in the last quarter of the year.  With so much competition for attention how do you stand out?    In 1939, one major high-end retailer created a tradition that continues to WOW its customers to this day:  His and Hers extravagant gifts.  Do you know which retailer that is? Stanley Marcus, of Neiman Marcus fame developed this buzz marketing strategy that still has customers eager to discover what His & Hers gift they selected for the current season and discuss it with friends.  One of our favorite gift offering is His & Her Shar Pei...
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By Rocky Dickerson, Superior Service!
(Realty One Group)
Years ago, there was a commercial for Fram oil filters where the mechanic said, “You can pay me now or you can pay me later”. Meaning, spend $20 for an oil change now or $2,000 to replace an engine later. Well, last year I bought a computer for my business. I shopped hard to save money. And I did. However, it has crashed so many times, locked up my video in the middle of Zoom conferences, and , well, . . . yesterday was the worst. Someone shared a file with me. Unfortunately it had some bad coding in it (possibly a virus) and I had to restart my computer. Then the virus check took 5 hours to complete because my computer had become so slow. I should have spent $700 on a computer last year. Instead I spent $400. Now, today, I bought a new computer that doesn’t cut corners like this one do...
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By Paul S. Henderson, REALTOR®, CRS, South Puget Sound Washington Agent/Broker!
(Fathom Realty Washington LLC)
Paul Henderson, REALTOR®, Fathom Realty WA LLC, Mason County, Washington's preferred real estate Agent & BrokerRaise your words, not your voice. It is rain that grows flowers, not thunder!Attributed to Rumi   Thank you for reading and commenting on my blog post! This post was researched, authored, and photo by Paul Henderson, REALTOR®, ©2008-2021, all rights reserved. All information is deemed reliable; however it should be independently verified by the reader. Any reproduction of this blog post is prohibited without the prior written permission of the author...
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By Endre Barath, Jr., Realtor - Los Angeles Home Sales 310.486.1002
(Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices)
Crazy English: Oh boy I can relate to this one. FYI one of our Active Rain friends recently posted about this very subject. So with that said I had to grab the book that has been sitting on top of all the other books waiting  for me to read.... (Keep in mind I had the book since 1989). I guess it is never too late to pick it up for the second time. Interestingly, then to boot I had cut out an article in 1996 that Ann Landers wrote and was inside the book. Well see for yourself...Ironically I had a Yellow Sticky Note, from the last time I picked up the book to this quote:..."In 1750 Phillip, Fourth Earl of Chesterfield, wrote, in a letter to his son, "One false spelling may fix a stigma upon a man for life" If Lord Chesterfield's chilling dictum is true all of us are stigmatized, for who...
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By Aura Alex, When The Deal Must Close!
(Close My Deal, LLC)
“Patience is power; with time and patience, the mulberry leaf becomes silk.” – Chinese ProverbFor many entrepreneurs, you have reached success despite countless obstacles. How many times do you get knocked down, and you get back up? And keep going. There will be many reasons along the way to quit, good or bad. But you refuse to give up because you started your entrepreneurial journey with that “fire in the belly” called Passion.  And the Perseverance instilled deep in your DNA.  You have kept things going. What if Passion and Perseverance are not enough?  It may be that what you need is the third leg, Patience.If you’ve heard it once, you’ve heard it a thousand times.  “Patience is a Virtue.”  Yes, it is. But, most of the time, it doesn’t feel that way.We live in a society of instant gr...
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By Jeff Masich-Scottsdale AZ Associate Broker,MBA,GRI, Arizona Homes and Land Group/ Buy or Sell
(HomeSmart Real Estate)
Why does one even need a home if one has a Man Cave! Oh right....the wife might actually want the house part of the deal. Hey! I can help you with that. A HOME and a MAN CAVE see what is on the market in October 2021 in the Phoenix Arizona metro area with an always up to date Man Cave and Home list from the MLS. You came to the right place. Man Caves are Me! Jeff Masich the King of homes for sale with RV garages and/or parking or just a man cave. 8+ Car Garage Homes For Sale in the Phoenix MetroTo see 8+ Car Garage Homes For Sale in the Phoenix Metro click here for a full page view                                                Man Caves are Me! Red Alert, Red Alert...we have "Man Caves" for sale in Arizona and yes, a house comes along with the man cave and/or a RV Garage or homes for s...
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By Margaret Rome Baltimore 410-530-2400, Sell Your Home With Margaret Rome
( HomeRome Realty 410-530-2400)
  3406 Roselawn Ave is in Baltimore's zip code of 21214.   This cute four-bedroom single-family home shows pride of ownership, with two bedrooms and a full bath on the first floor And two more bedrooms upstairs with good storage. There is plenty of room to relax in the bright sunroom with tile floors. A long concrete driveway makes it easy to go directly into the securely fenced backyard and the kitchen.   Check out the bright, updated eat-in kitchen with 'bullnose'' counter edge, gas cooking, built-in microwave, stainless sink, tile floors, and a door to easy outdoor entertaining. Backyard gatherings are a breeze with a propane gas grill and a large covered patio.     Kid and pet friendly with the fenced yard and large storage shed. The lower level has a family room, half bath, laundr...
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Do you have a mortgage? You’ve likely seen or heard a lot about mortgage refinancing as interest rates remained low in recent months. In today’s blog post we’ll explore the topic of mortgage refinancing, including when you should consider refinancing and how to take advantage of low interest rates. What is Mortgage Refinancing? In simple terms, refinancing refers to the practice of taking out a new mortgage and using the proceeds to pay off your old one in its entirety. You’ll go through the full borrowing process with your chosen lender, including the credit check, financial history and employment history in order to ensure that you have the ability to pay your new mortgage – even if your monthly costs are lower. Depending on your financial goals, you may refinance to tap into some of...
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When you first bought your home a few years ago, perhaps you started off with a 30 year mortgage. Now, you are considering refinancing and changing it to a 20 year or even a 15 year mortgage. Shortening your mortgage term and refinancing can be a smart financial move, but before you make this decision there are a number of factors that you should consider. Switching to a shorter mortgage will mean that your monthly payments will be higher, but you will be 100% paid off much sooner and you will save thousands of dollars in interest rates. Here are a few of the factors to consider before making this decision: Has Your Situation Improved? Perhaps you have moved to a higher paying position, allowing you to earn a higher income and pay off more of your mortgage every month? Or maybe you hav...
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Last week’s economic reports included readings on construction spending and reports on the national unemployment rate and job growth. Weekly reporting on mortgage rates and jobless claims were also published. Construction Spending Increases as Demand for Homes Rises Homebuilders responded to increased demand for single-family homes and increased their spending in November. Construction spending rose by 0.90 percent as compared to projected spending of 1.10 percent and  1.60 percent growth in November. Demand for homes increased in recent months due to the coronavirus pandemic. Homeowners left urban areas and bought larger homes in suburban and rural areas. Low mortgage rates, flight from cities, and needs related to working from home and homeschooling fueled demand for single-family ho...
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For those who are trying to buy things for their home, it is important to think carefully. Nobody wants to overpay; however, reaching for something cheap may simply end up getting replaced quickly. There are a few highlights that everyone should consider purchasing for their home in January! Purchase Some Furniture In January First, everyone has to make sure they think about buying furniture either in January or July. A lot of furniture manufacturers provide retail stores with new pieces in February and August. Therefore, a lot of furniture will go on sale starting either in January or July. Storage Items Go On Sale In January Again, a lot of stores will roll out sales in January for storage essentials such as baskets, shelves, and organizing systems. There are a lot of student’s who a...
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By Ron and Alexandra Seigel, Luxury Real Estate Branding, Marketing & Strategy
(Napa Consultants)
Periodically, I take time to cull pictures that we have taken.  Pictured above is a glimpse of Crater Lake.  It is located in South Central Oregon.A volcanic crater lake is a lake in a crater that was formed from explosive activity or collapse during a volcanic eruption. Lakes in calderas fill large craters formed by the collapse of a volcano during an eruption. Lakes in maars fill medium-sized craters where an eruption deposited debris around a vent.WikipediaWe were there five years ago with friends, and enjoyed walking around the perimeter of the lake.  The surrounding nature as you can see in this picture is diverse and lovely.  Wishing Everyone a Wonderful Wednesday!  
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There are a lot of steps that come with buying or selling a home. One of the routine steps that have to be accomplished is called a home appraisal. When it comes to a home appraisal, this is something that can cause both buyers and sellers to pause for a second. For those who might not know, a house appraisal is where a trained professional will take a look at the fair market value of the home. It is important to understand what happens when a home appraisal is conducted.  Compare The Home To Similar Properties When a home appraisal is conducted, its value is usually compared to homes in the area that are similar. The value of a home is always determined by what similar homes in the area have sold for recently. This is what the lender is going to look for. For example, if someone is se...
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Right now, mortgage rates have fallen to rates that haven’t been seen in years. This opens the door for many people to apply for a mortgage that they previously may not have been able to afford. Sadly, not everyone who applies for a mortgage is going to be approved. There are a few steps that applicants can take to increase their chances of getting their mortgage application approved. Increase The Credit Score Applicants need to make sure that their credit scores are as high as possible when they apply for a mortgage. The greater the credit score is, the more trustworthy they look to lenders. In general, applicants are going to need a credit score of 620 or higher to qualify for a home loan; however, those who want to get the best interest rates possible need to make sure their credit ...
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