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Dave Werth

I get so aggrevated by pet owners who dont take selling seriously.  Not only do you have to show the house, you are now pet sitting while you show the house.  Ugh!!!  I had a cat attack one of my clients, while I was showing a house.  I have been told to just go in, the dog is friendly to just about everything under the sun.  I can't blame the pets, as the owners get a { Cmon' Man}  I have been chased by more dogs, barked at by more dogs, and almost bit by dogs since I started selling real estate.  My dislike for pets has become overwelming.  It may sound like a jerk, but to owners of animals, not everyone likes pets, so put your animal in a kennel regardless of what it is, or take it with you, PERIOD!  Why would you let your pet dictate the sale of your home? I can hear a little voice of a pet owner, but.......exceuse......but......

Simple, call the agent and ask the pet be removed or kenneled or you wil not show it!    Have an awesome weekend everyone, great post!

Mar 06, 2015 06:38 AM
Gabe Sanders
Real Estate of Florida specializing in Martin County Residential Homes, Condos and Land Sales - Stuart, FL
Stuart Florida Real Estate

If you shoot the cat, there's an excellent chance it won't get outside!

Mar 06, 2015 05:49 AM
Ron Marshall
Marshall Enterprises - Saint Michael, MN
Birdhouse Builder Extraordinaire

I would ask them to secure the cat.  Do they want showings or not? 

Mar 06, 2015 04:55 AM
Julia van Mook
Coldwell Banker Real Estate Services - Pittsburgh, PA

I've had a cat bolt out just as we opened the door once, so I ask if the seller can put the cat in a crate or atleast closed in a room

Mar 06, 2015 04:29 AM
Bob Crane
Woodland Management Service / Woodland Real Estate, EXP - Stevens Point, WI
Forestland Experts! 715-204-9671

I dont show many homes, but do respect the wishes of the owners when I do.

Dec 01, 2019 10:54 PM
Dipti Thakkar
LAER Realty Partners - Andover, MA
On a team with Praful Thakkar

Cat should be secured - in a cage, perhaps?

Jul 15, 2018 10:36 PM
Tony and Suzanne Marriott, Associate Brokers
Serving the Greater Phoenix and Scottsdale Metropolitan Area - Scottsdale, AZ
Haven Express @ Keller Williams Arizona Realty

They need to secure the cat - not my responsibility

Jul 09, 2017 05:52 AM
Robert May
Robert W May - Lethbridge Real Estate - Lethbridge, AB
Real estate consulting

just looking back through some of the old questions and answers, looks like you got some good replies.

Mar 14, 2016 03:54 PM
Annette Lawrence , Palm Harbor, FL 727-420-4041
ReMax Realtec Group - Palm Harbor, FL
Making FLORIDA Real Estate EZ

Jerry Newman Yes, that does happen. 

Let the stray cat in. These skittish, anti-social, paranoid critters will prove a great deal more significant a problem then fluffy bolting.

Mar 06, 2015 09:45 PM
Raul Rodriguez
Covenant Partners Realty - San Antonio, TX
Looking out for the client's interest and not my p

I'm too old to be chasing animals, no I won't show the house.

Mar 06, 2015 09:33 PM
Troy Erickson AZ Realtor (602) 295-6807
Good Company Real Estate - Chandler, AZ
Your Chandler, Ahwatukee, and East Valley Realtor

William - Of course it would be best to not have the cat be in the home during the showing, but if the owner knows it likes to escape, they should secure it however it needs to be, or risk having it escape. I would ask that the cat is contained somehow, but would still show the home no matter what, and hope that the cat was not a nuisance.

Mar 06, 2015 01:41 PM
Teresa K. Nelson
Windermere Real Estate/HLC - Woodinville, WA

I always try to not let the cat out, but if it gets out and I cant easily get it back in. I'm not going to go out of my way to get it back in. I will call the LA to let them know. 

Mar 06, 2015 01:09 PM
Praful Thakkar
LAER Realty Partners - Andover, MA
Andover, MA: Andover Luxury Homes For Sale

William Feela if possible, I'd tell sellers to have the cats at secure place - in an enclosed room - and give the instructions accordingly. Or in a cage, perhaps?

Mar 06, 2015 12:45 PM
Eric Valente
Calabasas, CA

I always try my best not to let a cat or a dog out. I agree, it would be much easier for everyone if a pet is restricted during a showing. 

Mar 06, 2015 12:37 PM
Debbie Reynolds, C21 Platinum Properties
Platinum Properties- (931)771-9070 - Clarksville, TN
The Dedicated Clarksville TN Realtor-(931)320-6730

I get that instruction too and wonder if the pet is likely to escape why doesn't the owner have him contained? It is hard to show and be a pet watcher. I have had escapees and just call the agent and tell them the cat or dog escaped. I don't have the time to go hunt them down.

Mar 06, 2015 11:15 AM
Debbie Laity
Cedaredge Land Company - Cedaredge, CO
Your Real Estate Resource for Delta County, CO

For their own comfort and the safety of the cat, the owners should secure the cat somewhere. 

Mar 06, 2015 11:07 AM
Paul S. Henderson, REALTOR®, CRS
Fathom Realty Washington LLC - Tacoma, WA
South Puget Sound Washington Agent/Broker!

It never fails if there's a cat, it is out the door as soon as you unlock that deadbolt. I'll show it however I would appreciate if you Secure it!

Mar 06, 2015 09:50 AM
Larry Johnston
Broker, Friends & Neighbors Real Estate and Elkhart County Subdivisions, LLC - Elkhart, IN
Broker,Friends & Neighbors Real Estate, Elkhart,IN

I think I would be in favor of locking up th cat.  If it gets out and runs away or gets hurt, they will blame you forever.

Mar 06, 2015 09:29 AM
S. Leanne Paynter ☼ Broward County, FL
United Realty Group, Inc. - Davie, FL
Davie, Plantation, Cooper City & Weston Specialist

Personally, and as a cat owner myself... I think agents make too much of this.  I've known some dogs that are more likely to run out the door than cats.  I also think more people are afraid of dogs than cats.  Plus, even if the sellers "secure" the cat in one room, then what?  Do you not show that room?  What if the cat runs out of that room when you open it... are you going to try to catch it and put it back in the room?  If a cat is used to roaming the house freely and they are suddenly stuck in one room (or worse... in a crate) for possibly 8-10 hours a day while the seller is at work for however many weeks/months it takes to sell the property, that's not exactly fair either, especially since it's likely there will be days when there are no showings.  Just be careful as you're opening the door.  If you don't see the cat, it's likely hiding somewhere.  I think the phrase "don't let the cat out" is used for two reasons: to let you know it's not an indoor/outdoor cat and simply so you're aware there *is* a cat in the house!  Remember, they don't bark and are usually quiet.  I think a better suggestion to the sellers would be to put a collar with a bell around the cat's neck.

Mar 06, 2015 07:02 AM
Lise Howe
Keller Williams Capital Properties - Washington, DC
Assoc. Broker in DC, MD, VA and attorney in DC

I am with you. Unless the property is the dream place - the absolute dream place- I would skip it unless they lock the cat up. I had a listing with a cat that would bolt - and they would go away for the weekend and leave that blasted cat - who got out - not sure who was more nuts - the client or me

Mar 06, 2015 06:59 AM
Jerry Newman
Brown Realty, 210-789-4216, - San Antonio, TX
Texas REALTOR, San Antonio Military Relocation

LOL, I once let a cat get inside a home. Never had one escape outside yet. I think it's better for owners to secure their pets prior to all showings. Every potential home buyer may not be a pet lover.

Mar 06, 2015 06:32 AM
Kathleen Luiten
Resort and Second-Home Specialist - Princeville, HI
Kauai Luxury Ocean Home Sales

I request that pets be secured and make it clear I don't accept any responsibility it the animal gets loose.

Mar 06, 2015 06:15 AM
Sharon Altier, SFR
Lawton Realty Group, Inc. - Elmhurst, IL
Your Real Estate Partner

Cat should be in secure location.  I do not have the time nor interest to try to track down the cat and be sure it is there.  I always make sure doors are closed, but how do I know if a previous agent left a door open and by the time I showed it cat is long gone?  Cats often hide, so not always evident cat is there.  I don't want to be blamed for someone else leaving a door open.  Secure pets, as you would meds, etc.

Mar 06, 2015 05:44 AM
Annette Lawrence , Palm Harbor, FL 727-420-4041
ReMax Realtec Group - Palm Harbor, FL
Making FLORIDA Real Estate EZ

Before entering I ask if any in the buyer party have cat alergies. If yes, we move on. If no, I advise the presence of a cat and we must take  precaution regarding exterior doors.


Mar 06, 2015 04:37 AM
Nina Hollander, Broker
Coldwell Banker Realty - Charlotte, NC
Your Greater Charlotte Realtor

This particular instruction has never bothered me. Of course, I have cats. So I'm just simply more careful not to leave doors open while showing. Haven't had a runaway cat yet!

Mar 06, 2015 04:16 AM
Daniel Seider
BTRE Big Trees Real Estate - Arnold, CA

I just show it and am careful not to letout the cat

Mar 06, 2015 04:08 AM