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I've been in the mortgage industry for the past 12 years. I have 4 children. My baby is two months old and is the highlight of my day. I am extremely creative and kinda have a knack to look at a borrower and figure out a way to get them a mortgage. I get a thrill every time I put another home buyer in their dream house. I pride myself on staying on top of the market, guidlines to ensure a smooth loan process. I was once told the 3 hardest things in life are: getting married, getting divorced, and buying a home! I BEG TO DIFFER. I love working to make a loan process enjoyable and consider my clients my friends.

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I keep myself up to date regarding the market changes, thus enabling whomever is on my team not to waste needless time. I am experienced with credit repair and structuring of loans. Presentation is key especially in todays market, and thats where my expertise lays

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