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I want my clients for Life!  You know the old saying...don't put all your eggs in one basket!  Trust me when I tell you this is so true!  Diversify and offer clients options!  I am not asking you to leave your company and I am not asking for any money!  I am looking for motivated professionals to join my team! 

Alera Express rolled out an opportunity for Industry Professionals to offer in-house lending services...without any setup or liability! We can now own and profit from the loans that our clients close with Alera.  Best part, it's legal to collect a portion of the mortgage profits.  We also have the opportunity to grow passive income by sharing this with other Industry Professionals in our network of Business!  This could be an awesome opportunity for you, your company and colleagues!  Think about it...if you could retain an extra $800-$900 per transaction with minimal effort, would it be worth your time?  Absolutely!!

Are you active in the market?  Do you provide your clients with the best services?  Could you start your own team and manage it?  Then, I want you to join my TEAM!

Industry Proffesionals could be Builders, Investors, Lenders, Real Estate Agents / Brokers, Lawyers, Accountants, Inspectors, Appraisors, etc.


Alera Financial - Licensed in 16 states with a goal of growing to over 30 states (Do you see the opportunity I am presenting?)

Alera Fnancial - Over 30 Investors (Suntrust, BB&T, Wells Fargo, CitiMortgage, etc), with over 1500 different products!

I am looking for Industry Professionals in the following states (no License required): Alabama, Delaware, District of Columbia, Florida, Georgia, Indiana, South Carolina, Virginia, West Virginia

I am also looking for Industry Professionals in the following states (Loan Originator License Required): Illinois, Kentucky, Mississippi, North Carolina and Tennessee


Offering HUGE ground floor opportunity to Industry Professionals! Do not let this pass by! Looking for Professionals to join my Team, but you stay with your existing company! Please Read Further!