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Mike Alder
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Get to Know Mike Alder

Prior to the dryer vent cleaning company, I owned a moving business.  I have been a Dryer Vent Wizard for over two years. I was one of the first franchisees to start and began with the very first training class given by the company founder Dave Lavalle.


We clean, install and repair dryer vents. We take pride in doing the best job in the industry (getting as close to perfect as possible), making sure each homes laundry room is safe and free of potential fire hazards. When our job is complete, the dryer is at its maximum efficiency and capability. Cloths dry quickly and safely and our customers understand the importance of dryer vent maintenance.  Our customers appreciate DVW's concern for their safety and the time our tehnicians take to educate them.


Dryer Vent: Cleaning, Repair, Alteration & Installation Service

Dryer Vent Wizard professionally inspects and cleans clothing dryers for homeowners and in commercially-owned buildings. Poorly maintained dryer vents cause fire hazards and cost substantially more to operate.
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Why Dryer Vent Cleaning is So Important!

Dryer vents clogged with lint cost $18-24 more per month. There are 15,500 fires every year caused by dryer vents. Dryer manufacturers recommend you clean your dryer vent every year. Regular dryer vent maintenance prolongs the life of your dryer.

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Our services include:

Dryer vent cleaning Dryer vent repair Dryer vent alterations Dryer vent tube installations

We clean, install and repair dryer vents, making sure the laundry room is safe and free of potential fire hazards and the customer understands the importance of dryer vent maintenance.