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Innovative staging solutions to highlight your property’s features. A huge, up-to-date inventory to suit varied styles and scale requirements. Fast. Easy. Affordable...The key to selling success!

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Welcome Home - that's what it's all about.  Creating an invitation to linger -creating the emotional connection the buyer is looking for !

Our team is passionate about delivering solutions to enhance your properties. Stage and SELL with Welcome Home

Client satisfaction is our priority and commitment !

As professional stagers,  we understand the demands in today's market.  From traditional to contemporary styles, we have over 1000 items in stock that can aid you in meeting the demands of a varied clientele. We get what you need!     The ability to deliver a variety of styles and price points enables us to maximize the resources you are working with. Don't be limited to the inventory your staging service has -- expand your (and their) opportunity with our inventory.

Occupied ? -- need a refresher ? Enhance your belongings with select up-to-date items.

Vacant ? -- show buyers how they can live in the space by staging it well.

Maximize your listings with Staging

Sell your home quickly and for more money ! Set your listing apart from the competition Help buyers visualize living in your home -- only 10% of people can visualize themselves living in a new space Staged homes show the best in print & media Make that first impression the best !

We look forward to working with you and adding you to our list of satisfied clients.

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our standard packages are tailored to meet the varied needs and budgets of our customers.

STAGING:our extensive inventory allows you to benefit from the advantage of having over 20 different styles available.

Vacant Home - transforming your empty spaces, creating an invitation to linger. 

Occupied Home - creating that ideal look to attract buyers, while maintaining a comfortable living environment.

Consultation -  for those that wish to do the work themselves, a comprehensive analysis is completed for the homeowner


Move-In Service: Unpacks a stage-to-live in a new home

Buying Your Staged Furniture: Keep the fabulous look you love

Shopping Service:Creating the environment you want to own 

FURNITURE RENTAL: established relationships with key vendors allow value-driven pricing

Furniture Rental for Vacant Homes -- from traditional to contemporary our broad inventory selection allows us to meet the needs of varied targed styles. Over 20 styles of sofa/loveseats alone !

Furniture Rental for Occupied Homes -- helping homeowners freshen up their surroundings while maintaining their comfort is key.