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As a real estate broker I have always worked to represent my clients needs first.  First means in saving money as well as service.  This is why when you buy or sell with my real estate brokerage, Ready Real Estate, you will see full service just as you would hope to get from any real estate company but you can also expect significant savings. 

We list for a lower commission than many traditional brokerages in the markets we serve and still offer out a coop fee to any agent bringing buyers to encourage your home is shown equally by all Realtors.  Our typical listing commission is 4.5%  of which we offer a full 3% to coop buyer brokers.  This will mean your home is shown just as if it were listed for 6%, but you save 1.5% in commission.  This adds up to thousands in savings for home sellers in Texas and all the markets we serve nationally.

For Buyers we offer cash back rebates and put more of the commission, typically kept by your buyers agent/broker,  into the consumers pockets.  Rebating commissions to buyers enables Ready Real Estate agents to lower the cost of buying a home for the consumer.  Tradionally buyers agents have represented home buyers for "free".  While it can sometimes be constured this way, we take it one step further and say we will represent our buyers for "FREE" and "PAY YOU" to get to do so.  We are simply taking the 3% we typically get from the Sellers Brokerage and giving you part of the commission in the form of a Rebate after closing.  In the past 10 years I have rebated Millions of dollars through my closings, money that otherwise would have been retained by one of the traidional brokerages instead of going to the Consumer.


Many states allow rebating to buyers in a real estate transaction although many entities have fought to keep this from being allowed in their state.  Their is some confusion surrounding the rebating of commissions by real estate brokerages to home buyers.  Fortunately the United States Department of Justice /Anti Trust Division has come out with a very informative website to educate home buyers and the real estate community.


While a few states still do not allow rebating to buyers in a real estate transaction, I feel as consumers become aware of this and the Anti-trust division of the US Department of Justice continues to push for the rights of consumers, these last few states will open thier doors to rebating.  Saving the consumer money and lowering the cost of goods and services can have tremendous advantages.

Ready Real Estates currently offers buyer rebates in the following states: Texas, New Mexico, Arizona, Illinois, Virginia, Maryland, and the District of Columbia.  We will continue to expand to other US markets and we will be rebating in all states where legally permitted in the future.



Real Estate Broker: Texas/Oklahoma/New Mexico Founder: Ready Real Estate, LLC http://www.ReadyRealEstate.com Full Service Brokerage founded in 2004 to Lower the cost to buy or sell a home.