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Change the paradigm of both real estate agents and brokers.  There have been several paradigm shifts in the real estate industry since the 60's: franchising, 100% commission with desk fees & expenses, "Freedom Shops" with 100% commission and a small desk fee, profit-sharing and finally, revenue sharing.  The introduction of each of these shifts created a lot of excitement in the industry and gave the companies that led the movement a competitive advantage to gain market share.

Today's real estate model is broken. Many large real estate companies are struggling to add new offices and keep existing offices open and are having a difficult time retaining agents.  Agents are making less money than they were a few years ago and are looking for other income opportunities or simply leaving the industry.  Smaller brokers cannot survive because they are losing agents and they can't close enough transactions to keep the doors open.  In today's marketplace, both agents and brokers need to work with a company that puts the consumer first, promotes teamwork, and allows them to build a real estate business without limitations.  Nextage Realty International, LLC is leading the way by providing a solution that gives broker/owners a system that helps both recruit and retain agents and allows agents to build a business that does not rely exclusively on their personal production.

Nextage Realty is The Future of Real Estate!


For 20+ years, I've balanced a Corporate America career and an entrepreneurial business in financial services and real estate.  Although financially successful in my collective ventures, I've realized the constant draw for me was real estate and decided to focus my undivided efforts on building an international real estate business.  Over the past 9 years, I have helped thousands of people build successful businesses in both the financial services and real estate industries.  With agents and representatives in over 30 states, my team produced over $725M in closed transactions. I joined Nextage Realty in 2009 to build a national real estate team.



Looking for real estate agents and brokers that are interested in building a real estate business.