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Client Testimonials -Vishal Sharma "I would recommend they start [using a virtual assistant] right away as no amount of investigation can replace actual experience. With the level of risk so low in a 2 hour per week commitment, it only seems reasonable to give them a try for 10-20 hours. That is what I did and I have requested a second VA and upped my hours due to its success." -Jon Cline, CEO of Enthusiast, Inc "I have recommended Team Double-Click® to other business owners I know.  The combo of phone support and administrative work is what does it for me.  You can get all the benefits of a full time employee without the extra costs." - Ryan Felps, President of ClearVision Internet Solutions "[I use my virtual assistant for] emailing, calling, newsletter, client maintenance, organization of invoices, managing other assistants, someone to talk to and be a [sound board] for me. She also has been a resource for services that make my life easier.  She handles my website.  I recommend to JUST DO IT!  It is always so refreshing to bring in information and energy from someone who does not do what you do.  It gives you the capacity to have an [extra set of] eyes and [share] ideas to do things uniquely and differently." Beverly Dombroski, owner of BeverlyD "[I use my virtual assistant for] researching approaches, arrangements, possibilities, ideas and making connections to move the business along.  It's great - you just need to be clear about what you want the VA to do. I believe this is the ideal way to get your functional targets met with excellent quality and affordable personnel costs." -Cynthia C. Henderson, M.Ed., Strategic Planner and Visioning Guide "Be very honest with yourself about what you do that really makes you money; it is probably a lot less than you think. It's very easy to blur the difference between tasks vs. money-generating activity. For me, if I'm not showing property, talking with someone on the phone about property, preparing for a listing presentation, meeting with a seller to discuss listing their home, presenting an offer, working with a seller to adjust their price or make their home more appealing, or meeting with a buyer to discuss their needs, then I'm spending time doing things that someone else can probably do! And the more time I spend doing that other stuff; then the most possible leads begin to slip through my hands." - Debra Wilson Guttas "I always was a virtual company. Once I started to seek out some extra help, I knew I wanted to work virtually. It is actually quite difficult trying to write and manage a team onsite in an office environment. Also, I knew that I wanted to pull from the best talent rather than the talent pool that was here locally. So I made the decision to run a virtual company from the get go and a friend of mine recommended Team Double-Click® as a great resource for virtual assistants, but virtual assistants with a little bit extra work experience, a little expertise in categories I needed like marketing, publicity, project management and things like that - not just administrative people. They have administrative people with that extra edge." - Janet Switzer, New York Times best-selling co-author of The Success Principles: How to Get From Where You Are to Where You Want to Be with Jack Canfield "... gotta love the detail and quick conversations! I love not paying for people to be sitting in an office filing their nails!" -Dave Schiman "We appreciate the free time that your extremely well-run company has given me - and for giving me my life back! Best wishes." -Alan Brymer "They don't have to live in the same zip code, or be able to come into your office. I built my team on the premise that I just want the best people at what they do, regardless of where they are." -Kendra Todd, Apprentice 3 Winner and Team Double-Click® client. "When you do something outside of your core competency, you're paying top dollar for amateur results." -Michael Russer, "Mr. Internet", Team Double-Click® client "I started searching for virtual assistance agencies, per se, but came up rather dry. Then I found out about Team Double-Click® with its great services and competitive prices. It is a seamless solution for small entrepreneurs, like me." -Valerie Hayes, Professional Pageant CoachAs told in Michael Russer's Virtual Outsourcing "My experience with Team Double-Click® has sold me on this concentrated, expertly administered, time and cost effective way of running a business.  Today, no matter where I am, I have the complete peace of mind knowing that my virtual assistants are taking care of every aspect of my newly named business, "Heart and Soul Candies", which are now being sold in retail establishments across the country. You can't put a price on this kind of satisfaction." -Bill McGee, CEO atHeart and Soul CandiesAs told in Michael Russer's Virtual Outsourcing