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My early years of experience in the mortgage business taught me how to deal with credit issues, negotiate/find foreclosure bailouts, leverage equity and cash flow, how to effectively shop deals for my clients, some of whom have become good friends. 

Perhaps most importantly and rewarding thing I've been able to do for people is to give them a roadmap to strengthen their financial health.    Thankfully I was able to help many people consolidate their debts and lower their cash out flow, WITH a plan, before interest rates rose to where they are today.    It's truly a very satisfying feeling to be able to help someone save thousands of dollars, repair their credit, start investing, and get on the path to a brighter financial future. 

As a mortgage professional, I'd helped save numerous homeowners from foreclosure and always wished I could help the ones who I didn't have an out for, I've always referred them to solid realtors should they want to get out of the house.   

I wasn't a real estate agent and becoming one wasn't an imperative for me at the time. 

The recent shifts in today's market have left many prospective borrowers and buyers unable to get financing they might have previously qualified for.   Worse yet, many homeowners are "upside down" in their homes value, ARMs are recasting, defaults are increasing, foreclosures fueling the fire.

I moved to Florida for numerous reasons.   New Jersey was fun and I've met so many wonderful people there.   I know top notch realtors, lawyers, title firms, CPA's, tax preparation professionals, bankers, brokers (real estate, mortgages, and high line automobiles), appraisers, auto technicians, construction professionals, custom builders.

Florida has been nothing but good to me.   As I get to know the community and the people, I'm all the more glad I moved here.    I meet friendly, embracing, good people, many of whom came here to start new chapters in their lives, as I did.    I'm very optimistic that I'll be an asset to the community and its real estate businesses.  

I invite anyone to call upon me on anything they might be in need of.   Building relationships and being a friend to my client has always been a pillar of my professional life.   My team and I strive to deliver outstanding product and service within our scopes of business and referring our clients to qualified people who can serve their needs in other areas.

Michael J. Urbinato

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I moved to Cape Coral, FL with a background in mortgage financing, foreclosure bailouts and credit repair.

My previous experience prepared me well for the market conditions and unconventional types of situations that have caught many of even the most experienced Realtors off their feet and thinned the ranks substantially.

Short Sales / Foreclosure Prevention - I am proficient at negotiating with lenders and finding buyers, creating solutions for both sides! 

Credit Repair - I have a intimate knowledge of how credit works.   Working with me can save you money on credit repair alone.

Infinite Financing Avenues - I can find the right financing options to suit your specific parameters and goals.  

Cradle to Grave Planning - Explaining where these financing choices will bring you, I help you map your plans; entry and exit.

Long Term Goals - Real Estate is a tremendous wealth building vehicle.   Together we create a portfolio, based on your goals.

Rental Property Management - I handle rentals for our team.    I find tenants, bring in top notch property maintenance professionals.    Given so many properties sitting vacant, and a surprising number of owners having paid cash, I happily find tenants, bringing them through a qualification process, and will work with landlords in many ways to make being a landlord less painful.    Having tenants in a property undergoing a foreclosure makes the property more valuable to potential buyers, and therefore easier to market.



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