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Get to Know Ty Hockersmith


My name is Ty Hockersmith, 29, and I am a Mortgage Banker with Central Bancorp. I am originally from Spokane, WA, but got my start in the mortgage industry in Orlando, FL in 2004. I started with a great company by the name of Patriot Mortgage and quickly became Top Producer, which is where I stayed until I left the company.

When the market started to change for the worse in 2006 I considered moving back to Washington state. I knew that WA is a little more conservative when it comes to real estate. Washington homeowners don't typically max out their equity while the market is up. This means they don't typically go upside down in their value when the market is down. So I came back to do what I do best... in the best state to live and work.

Over the years I have been awarded several accolades including Top Producer 2006, 2008, Processor's Choice and the Exceptional Marketing Award.

Central Banc has thee most competitive rates, turn times and customer service in WA state, hands down. Our home office periodically assesses our top competitors for rates, turn times and fees. We are .5 % to 1% lower on rates, typically lower in origination fee and our turn times average 15 days!!! Most banks are closing loans in 45-60 days.

With my product knowledge and work ethic, together Central Banc and I are an unbeatable team.



I personally specialize in purchase money.  With a background in art and psychology, and my ever-sharpening sales skills, I have always had a knack for marketing myself. I'm here to earn the business and respect of Real Estate Agents. I will print your flyers on my time and dime. I will provide gift baskets and gift cards to clients we close together. I will also co-host or even host your open houses. I have sponsors ready to put up the money for marketing, and food and beverages for your opens. All this on top of the lowest rates, fastest turn times and competitive fees.

I also specialize in private money lending. Through PMC Funding I have access to a large pool of investors interested in getting your difficult purchases funded. Banks won't lend to the self employed right now no matter what the credit score is. My team can get these scenarios done!!!

Commercial lending is increasingly difficult these days. My team also has great commercial lenders. If a project is outside of traditional commercial guidelines, private money investors are getting these loans funded as well.

SO, between Central Banc and PMC Funding, my team can help you with any type of loan scenario. If we can't find a way to get it done, no one can.


We are the brand new branch of Central Banc in Spokane, WA. Central Banc specializes in residential lending with the most competitive rates, turn times and customer service in Washington State.