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Brief Understanding of Travis Senenfelder, Buy Sell Lease Real Estate Broker:

With over 10 years of experience, I understand the challenges and concerns people face when; purchasing their first home, upsizing or downsizing, and/or adding properties to their real estate investment portfolio.

Because of this I use a unique and highly detailed approach to truly understanding your needs.

Once I understand your needs, I then take this information and combine it with my extensive knowledge of the western Minneapolis suburban real estate market and put them both to use by assisting you by assisting you in choosing the right property, negotiating the perfect purchase price and or selling your home.

If Leasing a home is of interest to you I have licensed real estate assistants willing and able to guide you as well. Just contact us today.


Identifying Investment Properties Not all properties are good investments It is important to identify first who your investor is and what type of investment they are comfortable with (ie, short term, long term, cashflow) You must then identify where they would ideally like this investment to be located for we all know that its all about location, location, location You must then understand the market well enough so that when you do find a property you think may work that it truly is a unique investment opportunity and not just another purchase. Word to the wise: Just because it cashflows does not make it a good investment If you are an investor and would like to build your real estate portfolio give me a call; Travis Senenfelder 651.216.9466 Contract Negotiation Contracts in today's Real Estate Market are complex; I pride my self in my contract negotiation ability The details in the contract are what will make or break a strong sale or great purchase; I pay attention to detail Being creative is always a way to build credibility with a client; I often surprise the opposing party by my ability to be creative and often times in the best interest of both parties by identifying the true wants and needs Obtaining Highest Price Possible In today's market it is important to make that property stand out | This is done through painting, staging, and possibly remodeling Competitive Pricing | Knowing the market well enough so you can convince that buyer that they need to pay that price. Showing Patience | More often than not a seller will receive an offer and assume they need to come down to that price when in reality it is the agents job to convince the buyer to come up to the asking price Good Purchase Opportunity vs Average Buyers need to be informed and need to know the market inside and out so that they can recognize the difference Agents need to explain the difference Agents and Buyers need to identify what price to pay for a home given the circumstances and stick to that price Buyers need to be willing to set motions aside when negotiating the terms Property Management It is important that you know the market inside and out so that you can set a proper rental price It is important that you advertise the property effectively so that you find a quality tenant It is important that you negotiate a lease that is in relation to both parties best interest It is important that you treat the home you are managing as though it is your own Current State of The Real Estate Market | Western Suburbs of Minneapolis | Lake Minnetonka Buzz:                To Preview Homes In This market Available for Sale Feel Free to Click Here and Contact Travis Today:                 


Bachelor of Science In Accounting University of St Thomas, St Paul MN (September 2002 - May 2005) After Central Lakes College in Brainerd MN I attended The University of St Thomas in St Paul MN. Studying Accounting and working towards a Bachelor of Science in Accounting I also partook in buying my first few real estate investment properties. Shortly thereafter I increased my portfolio, got licensed, assisted clients in buying, selling and leasing and then opened my owner Brokerage. Although I find it great to have an accounting background I love the freedoms a career in Real Estate offers. Each deal is as unique as the home being negotiated.   High School Diploma Walker High School (September 1996 - May 2000) Walker High School in Walker MN is where I attended High School. Maintained a 3.65 GPA, Played football, basketball and golf   Associates Degree Central Lakes Community College (September 2000 - May 2002) While at Central Lakes Community College in Brainerd MN I completed my generals degree, played College Basketball and Golf. The decision to attend this community college was in part due to the recruiting of Jim Russel and also due to the fact that I was running my first business in Walker MN at the time. This business was a window cleaning company which provided service to all the major lake homes in northern MN.


I am a highly knowledgeable, professional and approachable realtor specializing in assisting clients interested in buying, selling and leasing Real Estate in the Western suburbs of Minneapolis.