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REAL Trends : The Trusted Source REAL Trends, Inc. is a publishing, communications, and consulting company considered to be a leading source of analysis and information on the residential brokerage industry. REALTrends is based in Denver, Colorado. With 23 years of continual growth, REAL Trends continues to provide real estate professionals with new and innovative resources on the latest industry trends and strategies into the future. REAL Trends audience includes: Owners/brokers representing 64% of the business done in the U.S. The largest 600 brokerage firms. 10 of the largest global real estate brands. 5,000 of the highest producing sales professionals. Over 100 real estate professional organizations. 60 mortgage lenders including 4 of the top 5 leading U.S. firms. 3 of the top 5 U.S. title/settlement companies. 200 corporations providing real estate products and services. Over 20 online real estate e-businesses.  



    I wanted to outline the areas where REAL Trends Consulting (RTC) can be of assistance to you and your firm.  We obviously customize each client assignment based on their particular needs and would do so for you.  Valuation – RTC will provide a comprehensive valuation report that will examine at least thirteen different factors that influence the value of your firm and include three different approaches to valuation.  We will also outline how and where your brokerage firm can act to increase value; Benchmarking – RTC can provide a thorough analysis of your firm’s revenues and expenses against a benchmarked group of firms of similar size and characteristics along with a discussion report in order to help you establish different ways to increase profitability; Commission Concepts – RTC has developed a tool that provides a brokerage firm with the ability to model their commission plans against other plans and make changes to the variables within any of them, with a complete impact and risk analysis on each agent’s income as well as the Company’s revenues and profits; Web Analytics – RTC provides a service that analyzes a client’s website through a whole range of internal issues that deal directly with SEO, error checking, monthly monitoring services, and social media implications. The purchaser also has an option to do an external review where we compare and contrast your site with up to three competitors of your choice; Organizational and Management Assessment – RTC has facilitated over 180 CEO and senior management assessments, both for its own clients and for 5 different CEO groups.  We are currently engaged in several direct assignments of this nature;    



REAL Trends, Inc. is a publishing, communications and consulting company considered to be a leading source of analysis and information on the residential brokerage industry.