scott powers (Old Adobe Realty)

2870 N. Swan rd #160

Tucson , AZ 85712

10 Years of Experience Helping Buyers & Sellers in Marana, Oro Valley and the NW side of Tucson. Lots of REO experience. I call my clients back and enjoy working with people.

Get to know scott powers

My Approach to Real-estate

I take my role as a Real-estate advisor very seriously but I believe in making the process as much fun and as stress free as possible. I have sold real-estate in the Marana, Tucson, and Oro Valley area for 10 years. Prior to Going into Real-Estate I had a background in technology, sales and digital photography. Im very familair with the REO process. I have been listing Fannie mae properties and helping buyers in this area for Many years.

Helping Buyers:

I’m familiar with the area and have live here for 34 years. I have years of experience in finding the right homes for my clients and their budget and seeing the process through to the end. I have experience negotiationing  bank owned as well as your typical owner occupied and unrepresented seller. I list and sell bank properties so I understand both sides of the process and can use my experience to help a buyer understand the challenges and benefits of purchasing homes from different sellers. I have built a trusted network of people that can help buyers should they desire help with any of the many facets of the buying process. I loan fax machines to clients that are in need of one to make their life easier when sending paperwork to lenders, title Co. or back to me. I’m proactive in helping them to provide guidance and support every step of the way but in the end all decisions are theirs to make.

Helping Sellers:

I have the resources and tools to help sellers understand the market, price their home according to their goals. I help sellers with the process of getting the home ready for sale and properly positioning the home where it’s the most visible.  I always recommend to my sellers that we go preview the competition so they know what they’re up against and to see how important staging and pricing their home is. I’m involved in every step of the negotiations, the loan process (if they like), the inspections, the title work and the closing process.

Some of the marketing components I utilize are:

The latest in virtual tours with floor plan mapping, high quality digital photos taken that showcase the important elements of the home. I have over 5K in virtual tour, photography equipment, and software that I use for online marketing, color laser flyers and post cards and a host of others. I spend hours getting the right shots where other may take minutes. If there is a view out the window I double expose the shot so a buyer can see the inside of the home as well as the beautiful view. I recommend sellers allow a week if possible to get all of the marketing done before the home hits the market. Most buyers make their must see homes list by the online marketing and the quality of that marketing. I take it seriously to do the best job possible in getting their home out there and in the best light possible. Yes.


Listing Unique and Beautiful Homes Are My Passion!


While I thoroughly enjoy all facets of the real-estate process, the area that I'm most passionate about is listing beautiful homes that really have something unique to show or tell the world.  I truly enjoy working to get the right shots that are going to convey the true spirit and beauty of the home. I thoroughly enjoy the challenge of trying to have potential buyers transported to the home while sitting in front of their computers a world away. If I can help a buyer make a connection with the home then I feel extremely satisfied. It’s not always the quickest approach but in the end it’s the most gratifying and gives the sellers the best opportunity for their homes story to be told visually

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