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Get to Know Troy Williams

Troy Williams, Associate Broker, Real Estate Professionals Inc.

Troy is the founder of He is an Associate Broker with Real Estate Professionals Inc. and in his sixth year of practicing real estate. A native of Baltimore City, he is intimately familiar with most areas of the Baltimore Metro area, including the surrounding counties. Having graduated Summa Cum Laude with a bachelor's degree in Computer Science from the University of Maryland in 1996 and working as a software developer for several years thereafter, Troy turned his entreprenurial spirit to the focus of real estate sales and investment in 2002. He applies his acquired technical skill to the creation and maintenance of, recognizing that the internet has revolutionized the way people buy and sell real estate.

The Vision is a real estate website designed to provide useful and up-to-date information about the Greater Baltimore area real esate market. The "410" comes from the telephone area code which covers much of the Baltimore area, but by no means restricts the geographical areas where our team works, as we know "240" and "301" areas very well also. We currently focus on Baltimore City, Baltimore County, Howard County, Carroll County, Anne Arundel County, Harford County, Frederick County, Prince Georges County and Montgomery County.

The latest iteration of the website not only includes listings by our team, but easy-to-use search capabilities for listings throughout the state of Maryland. Visitors to the website can very quickly look up MLS numbers or street addresses with a few simple clicks, and see full photo tours of any listing.

By providing real estate information and easy access to MLS listing searches for prospective buyers, we've found that homes listed with us sell fast, because of the sheer amount of traffic and interest in all of the topics on the website. More website traffic equals more inquiries into our listings, which ultimately leads to the faster sale for our seller clients.

Meet the Team

Yolanda HobbsExecutive Assistant & Client Care Coordinator

Yolanda is the "voice" of the team, and plays a crucial role in providing the excellent customer service our clients deserve and expect. She works diligently behind the scenes to make sure all the technical aspects of your transaction go smoothly, and has the expertise to answer some of the toughest real estate questions you can throw at her. Prior to joining our team, she excelled as an account executive for Thompson Learning Centers and Verizon Wireless.

Meredith WilliamsWeb Marketing/PR Consultant

Meredith works full-time as an IT Specialist for the Federal Government, but when she's not at work she finds the time to lend her expertise to developing our web marketing presence, including the monthly newsletter. She provides competitive research and new ideas to keep the website fresh and up-to-date, making sure we provide our clients with a top-notch web presence. A 1996 graduate of University of Maryland with a bachelor's degree in English, she is now pursuing a master's degree in distance education.

Preston Williams"Chief Motivator"

Preston Isaiah Williams was born March 28, 2008 to proud parents Troy & Meredith Williams. Although he can't yet talk and only weighs 10 pounds, Preston plays an important role in motivating the team. His ongoing need for love, attention, diapers and daycare is only surpassed by his future need for a top-notch education. As such, he was appropriately deemed our team's Chief Motivator. He makes sure we never forget how important family is when we work with our clients. He serves as a constant reminder that this is business is about helping people and their families, not just about the almighty dollar. Welcome to the world Preston!



My team and I go above and beyond the call of duty to find out buyers phenomenal deals in this market.  After we get an idea of what they want, we setup multiple automatic MLS searches to send our buyers daily listing updates via email.  We also monitor their search every day to make sure they don't miss an opportunity.  If we find something we think is worth seeing, we will call our buyer right away with a recommendation, taking some of the load of constantly looking through properties off their hands.

Troy shows homes by appointment to buyers 7 days a week, ensuring that no opportunity is missed.  For each showing, we have already studied the market trends in the area, identified the days on the market and seller motivation, and determined the best approach to making an offer if the buyer is interested.  A thorough market analysis yields a range of acceptable values, and then Troy does what he probably does better than anything else... negotiate.  Any weakness portrayed by the seller is aggressively exploited to the buyer's benefit (with the strictest attention to integrity and fairness of course) so that we can get the best possible price and terms for our buyers.  Nothing makes us feel better than accomplishing that.

Once the contract is ratified, we recommend our team of affiliated professionals to quickly, thoroughly, and affordably manage aspects of the transaction such as the home inspection, title work, termite inspection, loan commitment, etc.  We keep the timeline of the buyer and seller on track since time is of the essence.  Within a few days of settlement, Troy will attend a walkthrough with the buyer to make sure everything is as expected at their future home.  If anything is out of place, the seller will be notified so that the issue may be addressed prior to settlement.


Selling a home is a serious matter, and we treat it as such from beginning to end.  First of all, there is typically a lot riding on the sale of a home, as a significant portion of the seller's net worth is likely to be tied up in the sale.  That equity is usually intended in some way to change the seller's life in major ways, such as a relocation out of state or out of the country, or transitioning seemlessly into a new home without being homeless in between or paying 2 mortgages simultaneously.

At our first meeting, we discuss the way in which we work for the seller to sell their home.  Where we advertise, how often we hold open houses, how we manage the details of the sale when a buyer comes along, are all important aspects of this prospective business relationship.  Realistic expectations from both sides can be established right in this first meeting and is typically enough for the seller to decide whether we are right for the job.

After a seller hires the 410homes Team, we immediately provide an in-depth, scientifically solid market analysis that provides a range of prices to match the seller's tolerances for selling time frame, rather than imposing our own final decision on what the list price will be.  We also offer a staging consulation to suggest ways to strengthen the best features of the home while mitigating any weaknesses.  If repairs or minor cosmetics are needed, our team has a network of professionals ready to step in and get the job done quickly.

Once the house is listed, we advertise in the MLS with lots of high-quality photos and an enticing description of the properties best features.  We also do an "Agent Announce" of the new listing to agents that we can scientifically determine are most likely to have a buyer prospect who would be interested in the home.  Weekly e-flyers on craigs list dig up the do-it-yourself buyers out there and provide a link to your home's own web page on  Colorful flyers with details buyers want appear on your yard sign.  And if appropriate for the subdivision, we announce our first open house with custom designed postcards or a letter to your neighbors, who often have friends or family considering the neighborhood for a purchase.

We keep in regular contact with our sellers with market updates and make sure we don't have competition sneaking up on us with better features or lower prices.  For me, the successful sale isn't necessarily tied to how quickly a home will sell, even though that is very important.  My measure of success is that the next buyer that puts an offer on a house in that neighborhood will be purchasing my seller's home.  That means the best market exposure, best price, and best features will lead them to the seller's house first and finally.

When a qualified buyer comes along, we make sure we don't lose them.  We can't afford to in this market.  We negotiate terms that are fair to all parties, so that everyone is happy and excited to get to settlement.  Contract review is very important so that an accurate seller net sheet and time schedule can be established.  Negotiation comes back into play when the home inspection, termite inspection, appraisal and HOA/Condo document review are completed, and we overlook no detail when it comes to that.

Both Buyers & Sellers...

At settlement, Troy will always be there with his clients, to review the settlement sheet, finalize any commitments made by either party, and enforce the contract if any discrepancies arise (which they do more times than you'd expect).

After settlement, the 410homes team always checks up on our sellers to make sure that everything with the move has gone smoothly.  We will typically visit with our clients and develop long-term relationships with them as friends for life.  That is the most rewarding part of our business.


I've been helping people buy or sell with unmatched zeal, integrity and service since 2003 in the Baltimore metropolitan area. I place my clients needs 1st, and industry savvy & education a close 2nd!