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Trish Lewellyn
location_on Willoughby, OH — Virtual Administrative Entrepreneur
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Let someone else handle the day-to-day tasks in your real estate business so that you can focus on what you do best… selling homes.

 Avoid the expense of hiring a staff

 Free up your schedule by delegating time-consuming tasks

 Add valuable expertise to your business without making a long-term commitment to full-time positions

   These services for real estate professionals include: Marketing, Mailings, Report generation, Database input, Database management, Client communications, Client support/help desk, Weekly commission and lead spreadsheets, CD/DVD duplication, Uploading listings, Document preparation, Lead tracking, BPO/REO, Blogging, Facebook, Twitter, Craigslist And More.

The best part for you is that you pay only for the services you need, as you need them, whether it’s 40 hours a week or five. There’s no paying a salary, benefits or retirement plan contributions, and there’s no commitment.

As an experienced Virtual Assistant specifically for real estate professionals, I currently work with a wide range of software and database management systems, including: Infusionsoft, Top Producer,, Investorloft, Craigslist, By Referral Only, AWeber,, Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Power Point, Microsoft Publisher and others

I am a highly skilled administrator with 20+ years in tive Assistant work, Clerical, Real Estate and Telecommunications. Inventive, resourceful and dedicated professional with strong interpersonal communication skills

 I am just what you are looking for.





I’ve moved from salaried employees to a virtual assistant for ALL administrative-related tasks within my business. I absolutely love virtual assistants for many reasons, and Trish is an experienced, valuable part of my team. She tracks my leads each week, answers e-mails, manages my database, and also manages my help desk. I couldn’t be more pleased with this win-win relationship!”

                                                                                                 Jason S.



“As a busy Realtor, I needed additional support, but I did not have enough work for a full-time person, plus the amount of help that I need is not always the same week to week. I was a bit skeptical of hiring a virtual assistant. I was concerned about someone not being in the office, will they do a good job?  Will they be honest about their hours? …


My marketing was always pushed to the bottom of my to-do list, and I know that it should be at the top, especially in this market. So I hired Trish to get my marketing out daily. It seemed like a daunting job to get everything to her, but I just emailed her all the pieces as I got them together, no pressure. It took about a week to get her everything and work through the changes that I wanted. Each time I needed a change, I would email her and she would make the changes; if she had a question she would email me back. Her learning curve is high, and that makes my life easier! Best of all, my marketing now gets out daily, on time and I have a steady flow of leads coming in.


Trish Lewellyn came highly recommended from someone that I trust and I have been very happy with how she has worked with me. I also highly recommend her services”.


                                                                                                                    Chuck G


“As a busy realtor, I needed additional support but didn't want to hire a full- time administrative assistant.

 I have worked with Virtual Assistants before, so I am familiar with the concept and how they work. When I heard Trish was available, being familiar with her work from other avenues, I eager to work with her.  She's a pleasure to work with. She's very dedicated. You can ‘ALWAYS’ count on her to come through for you with what you need, when you need it.


She comes highly recommended from me.”

                                                                                                                                                    Chris C.




Administrative Assistant -20+ yrs Virtual Assistant-6+ yrs Clients Coast to Coast & Canada..No place is too far!!