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I am a young and excited agent that has been working in the real estate field since 2005.  I started out in AZ working in leasing and property management for my father's brokerage.  Prior to that I was a business major at ASU and then worked for a mortgage company after graduation.  The combination of all of these experiences have given me a really strong understanding of real estate.  I also pride myself on the fact that I got into real estate when everyone else was trying to get out.  Before 2005, anyone could get rich quick in real estate.  I knew when I started that the market was just beginning to change and that things weren't going to be as easy as they had been.  It takes someone that is strong and committed to have stuck out these past few years, and that's me!

I believe that knowledge is power, but none of that matters if you don't give your clients the service that they deserve!  I also think it's important to always figure out ways to be creative in structuring deals.  Not every deal can be an easy buy/sell transaction.  There are too many tools and resources available to us to just give up on a transaction if it doesn't go exactly as planned.  You have to be open to other ideas involving investors, seller financing, hard money lenders, etc.  It's important to have an agent that isn't afraid to go the unconventional route if need be.


I have been living in the world of short sales for about 3 years now.  While in Arizona, I worked for a small brokerage that specialized in leasing and property management.  At that point I met my boyfriend whom was and still is working short sales in AZ.  Since then, I have been working short sale deals with him, and we have really got it down to a science.  We moved to CA and continue to work with the same negotiators and processors that helped us to be so successful in AZ.  Short sales require a lot of time and attention and are not something that can get done without an experienced team working behind the scenes.  I prefer to keep my business small because it allows me to stay on top of all of my listings and give my clients the attention that each of them deserves.


I specialize in short sales in the North County San Diego area. I have experience in both the San Diego and Phoenix, AZ markets where I was an agent for 3 years before moving to CA. I work with a gr