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The Jubilee Project is a company which teaches Homeowners how to pay off their existing mortgage (and other debts) in record time, through Workshops and Online Consultations. We service all 50 states.

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The Jubilee Project is a National Organization which was founded in September 2006, and grew border to border, coast to coast across the USA in a matter of months.

We are a dedicated group of families and professionals who use and promote the Money Merge Account Program, created and designed by United First Financial...with a twist. We are out for the homeowners. We have been converted because of what this Program has done, and is doing, personally for us, and we simply want to share those blessings with others. That takes time, patience, and dedication to educate the public, and to bring this new tool to mortgage and real estate professionals everywhere.

There are no drawbacks to this program, but it isn't a one-size-fits-all, like some would have you believe. We know of it limitations, and simply want to get the option in front of those who can use it, and provide good alternative solutions for those who can't.

The Jubilee Project has the single, greatest online source of knowledge on The Jubilee Project, which even produces the training podcasts for united First Financial themselves. We take this opportunity very seriously, and welcome discussions, as well as professional inquiries into joining our National Team in all 50 states. 

We have Lawyers, Bankers, CPA's, Doctors, Dentists, Mortgage Company Owners, House Moms, Factory Workers, Cops, Mathematicians, Rocket Scientists (literally), Retired Military, Professional Drivers, Cartoonists, Real Estate Agents, Insurance Salesmen, Web Designers and more...on our team and on the program.

More than 1000 families get onto the Money Merge Account each and every month, and the numbers are growing. Our job at The Jubilee Project, is to get you the facts. The actual, hard facts, including running your personal numbers, so you can make an educated decision for yourself, and you have all the options possible to choose from. 

That alone, is worth a visit to our website, and a phone call to any one of our Founders, or Jubilee Consultants in your area.

The Co-Founders of The Jubilee Project are: Jaime Buckley, Lee Bradshaw, Ondi Allred, Brad Lavery and Nathan Taylor.

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The Jubilee Project is a collective of expertise in many areas, but is soley dedicated to working with homeowners and mortgage professionals when it comes to The Money Merge Account.

We are the #1 Authority on The Money Merge Account available.