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 My goals are to be successful and to be able teach others what I have learn in my career. I may not look successful to some of you, but I have knowledge that no one can take away from that what I call Rich does not mean that you have cash knowledge the best riches you can ever have $$$$$$$$$$$$$  Those who know they know how much knowledge I have. So am looking for individuals who are willing to follow the road I came from and if you are follow me. I will not tell that highpa ! Of saying you will make a million in one 6 months or 1 Yr but if you put mind to it will come to you that’s what I call SUCCESS (TZ)

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Welcome to the network! Love to help” people develop business ideas”, visit the website on my profile, you may be looking for an opportunity read my blog.This is Thandi from Africa but living in USA, Work at home mom Find out how, emails me, or go the website on my profile, have a pre teen boy.


In the beginning

When I first went affiliates, I tried to market myself as a mom who is looking to help myself of many talents. "Everything you need in one package," as the tagline on my site said. I have developed projects in a bunch of server-side languages Ning social sites, blogs; and can get around in Photoshop, Illustrator. Naturally, I am stronger at some things and weaker at others. My ability to pick things up quickly and research solutions has been quite effective at keeping me in the game. Not only do I just see other people’s information I read and make sure I understand and pass that to my team.

If you think, you will have success by yourself then that will be hard, anybody you run across you will learn something, if you did not learn something, which means you did not pay attention. If you see that your skills are not growing you, have to have other ways of learning.

Stop wasting time saying what the train or up string did not teach you focus on how you that what other did not do. I hear people saying I was a meeting all they wanted is for me to buy something. Nobody is going to hold your hand to buy anything. If you did it you did it for you.

Whatever you have done, you have done them for you your success will result to how you react to whatever you input into your goals.

I always had a tough time settling on one technology. It is the classic "putting your eggs all in one basket" argument. If I invest too heavily in one, ignoring the rest, I could risk obsolescence due to a shifting marketplace.

When it comes to server-side development, each language has a certain style of development. Learning them gives you new perspectives on how to approach existing problems. For example, I never tried OOP in ASP until I learned Java. It is always good to expand your knowledge.


For dealing with clients, however, specializing can be very beneficial. With each project, you develop shortcuts and a greater base of code from which to work from too. In design, you have stock photography, fonts, and an chosen designs that you can re-use. You get faster (and if you do it right) more profitable by specializing.

Imagine a path from your house to the park. The first day you follow the path, as you know it will get you there. After time, though, you begin to cut across the grass in some spots, saving yourself a few moments of time. Every now and then, you discover by cutting through the bushes or jumping a fence, you get to the park even faster. Sure, in the beginning you got to where you needed to go but it was not very efficient. Efficiency comes from doing the same thing repeatedly.

Being faster, of course, makes you look good to your clients. I have not met a client who did not like it when you met deadlines (or better yet, delivered ahead of schedule). Being faster let us you take on more clients (if you wanted). In addition, if you charge based on value, not time, you have the potential to walk away with higher profitability on each project.

You also are known for within the industry for your skills, which also offers you the opportunity to charge more for the work you do.

Bringing on help

The need to specialize in my own business career became evident when I needed to bring on help. Finding someone with the same varied skill set who didn't charge as much as I did — since, I still need to make a profit — and who wasn't busy became darn near impossible.

To hire someone to do only a small portion of a project meant that I still had all my other projects to work on plus the time to manage the outsourced work. In the end, I was not saving any time.

By focusing on just one or two core competencies, I will be able to have contractors take on a larger percentage of my workload. This allows me to focus on what I need to do and gives me greater potential for growth.



WHO Is THANDI ZULU? I have been working independently for 6 years -10years, as an internet marketer and providing information to people about social networking and social media,marketing