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Terrance Dexter
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Get to Know Terrance Dexter

My name is Terrance A. Dexter Jr., born and raised in Columbus, Ohio and currently reside in the suburbs of Cleveland.  I spent eight years in the United States Marine Corps and returned home from my tours with a new hope and appreciation for my life.  I took one look at the current market and saw an opportunity to reach out with the knowledge and understanding that I have of Real Estate to help others. 

I am not a Realtor.  I specialize in Residential Redevelopment.  Primarily in the Pre-foreclosure industry, though I have ventured out into other areas when the situation called for it, I.E. made good sense to do so.  My company "Dynamic Home Buyers, LLC" was started with the concept of helping people out of a jam.   

I am a self-directed learner. I am responsible and self-challenging, and I consciously modify my own behaviors to advance my own knowledge and expertise. I am able to set priorities and achievable goals, and to monitor my progress with appropriate input from others. Moreover, once I have started a project, I see it through until it is finished.

Building knowledge is a continuous process. This will continue to be an area of growth and development for me. I continuously increase my depth of understanding by applying my theoretical knowledge and my practical experience to problems and projects. I have demonstrated my ability to learn and perform and will continue to do so. I try to apply good judgment, and I listen and respond to constructive feedback from my colleagues


We at Dynamic Home Buyers buy and sell as the situation dictates.  For someone who is behind on their mortgage and feel there is no other option but to give their home back to the bank, we are their solution.  A means to avoid a black mark on their credit and a chance to start a new life with the ability to start over.  We buy houses.  For the person or family looking to purchase a home, we have multiple properties in many different areas looking for an owner. 

At Dynamic Home Buyers we are pioneering the field of Residential Redevelopment.  If you have a problem, we have a solution. 

We can work with or without a buyer or seller Realtor.  Dynamic Home Buyers can handle all the paperwork necessary for any transaction and can close in as little as 15 days. 

Don't give up untill you have talked to us.  Honesty and integrity is what this company was built on.  We'll give you NO BULL options. 


Dynamic Home Buyers lives on the cutting edge of the REAL ESTATE market. Innovation, Quality, and Value are just a few of the words that describe our process.