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Humanity & Social Dynamics deeply fascinates me. It seems that everything we do, think of & dream about revolve around our relationships with PEOPLE. All Opportunities Lie in PEOPLE.



  This Issue’s InspirAsianal IE Reader Teddy Lim


By The International ExaminerPosted in News, Volume 38 No. 13 Meet this edition’s first InspirAsianal IE Reader — spotlighting you, the readers of the Examiner! Our small non-profit news enterprise has shared the stories of our community for over 35 years — thanks to the support and readership of thousands of people like you. This is our way of showing gratitude and shine the light on our readers. This edition’s InspirAsianal Reader is Teddy Lim, a Filipino American immigrant with a passion for community and entrepreneurship. 1. Who are you?My name is Teddy Lim. I’m 29 years-old and am of Chinese-Filipino descent. I grew up in Manila, Philippines and went to high school there as well. I came to America in 2000 when I was 18, and majored in Communications at the University of Washington. 2. What are you? (You can answer this however you like.)Wow. That is such a hard question to answer without getting too existential. So instead I’d like to answer “What Fulfills My Highest Purpose?” Ultimately I would like to consider myself as someone who is a pointer-of-the-way. And which way is that you might ask? Well, I believe that everybody has their own path to discover and where I get my most satisfaction is finding out where it is that people want to go. When I see a good fit, I point them in that direction.This could come in the way of turning somebody on to a passion they never knew existed, transforming the way a person looks at the world, giving people resources that make them think differently or opening doors for other people by introducing them to one other. Your net worth is your network therefore being a positive contribution fulfills our need to satisfy our sense of significance while also being able to leave a legacy. 3. What do you do?My background is in corporate America. For 8 years I was very successful at my young career, receiving numerous awards for sales excellence in nationwide & regional markets. In 2007, while attending a business conference at the UW, I met a very successful, charismatic & inspirational leader in Seattle real estate by the name of Thach Nguyen who helped teach me that entrepreneurial leaders can have it all: time & financial freedom, and the ability to pursue your true heart’s delight while at the same time benefiting every single person you come across. Through real estate marketing, I learned the importance of cultivating the relationship you have with your community. Most of the time what will differentiate whether a person does business with you or not is the quality of the relationship you have with that person. Recently I’ve decided to close the chapter on my real estate marketing career to chase an even bigger dream with a new business venture. 4. How were you introduced to the IE and why do you follow it?As a predominantly Asian American publication, the reason why I follow the IE is because it is fulfilling and plays such an important role of bridging the gap between the older generation of AAs and the newly settled AAs. Having a publication such as the IE can be that resource people need in order to solve a lot of the challenges they’re experiencing. The IE also covers important topics in the AA community that wouldn’t have otherwise been covered by more mainstream avenues. It is an invaluable publication. 5. What inspires you?Being an immigrant from the Philippines, the stories of how everyday people are able to overcome great odds and challenges always inspire me. Creativity and music also inspires me. Lately what’s been really floating my boat is technology — the future and how it can make this world a better place. Visit Teddy at his Facebook page:www.fb.com/GlobalEntrepreneur


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