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Debby Henning
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Get to Know Debby Henning

I am a Licensed Associate Broker and have been in the real estate business 20+ years with experience investing in the Atlanta and Metro market. I started out Investing in houses before I became licensed. Working one deal at a time, then grew to three and four deals at a time buying, fixing and Retail or Wholesaling properties. Sometimes I sell the property with owner finance or other Creative methods. 

I work with other Investors to maximize the return on their investments. I offer flat fee listings, acquisitions in foreclosure and pre-foreclocure services, Consulting. I offer many other services as well.

I own a company Team Realty Investing which invest, partners and consults other Investors on their properties. And I have partners in different areas of the business.  We are always looking for capital to invest in real estate and we create long term relationships.


I Specialize in creative financing, finding & acquiring great deals through auctions, REO & HUD, Short Sale and Subject-To. Many of the transactions require no financing, but others need Hard Money or other funding.



I became the President of the largest Real Estate Investor Association in 2003 and 2004 and today I am an Advisor to the Board. I still teach Real Estate Investing classes to Investors and Agents for credit.


I teach classes at boot camps and Seminars to other Investors and Agents (for CE Credit). 

 I have written my own classes in which I teach Investors and Agents for their CE credits.



I am a R. E. Associate Broker who works with Investors. I offer flat fee listings, acquisitions and Consulting. I Specialize in REO, HUD & Short Sales, creative financing, among other services.