Stephan Bourget (Stephan Bourget Realty Inc.)

Real estate investor, mainly active in Quebec, Saskatchewan and Florida.

Get to know Stephan Bourget

Stephan Bourget  has an International Baccalaureate in Sciences, a Baccalaureate in Physics and an A.E.C. in e-marketing.  He has been involved in business since 2000, and has been investing in real estate since 2006.

In addition to being an honored member of the International Executive Guild's Who's Who, he is a member of the Internet Trade Bureau and the Business Chamber of Commerce.  He is also a member of his local Real Estate Investors Association, the CIIQ.

His combined business experience, marketing education and analyzing skill set provide the skills necessary to profitably purchase homes for quick re-sale to other renovators by wholesaling, or to owner-occupants through new loans or lease-purchases.  He also buy houses with great cash flow to rent or sell through lease-option (rent-to-own).

Stephan Bourget's target markets are primarily the regions of Regina, Yorkton and Prince Albert in Saskatchewan, Canada, due to the large supply of low priced homes requiring renovation, and the rapidly increasing values of the completed projects.  The main drivers of the increasing activity in the area are: housing market stimulation through governmental efforts to get retirees to move out from Alberta to Saskatchewan for a better quality of life and affordable houses; diamond mine to open in Prince Albert in 2008; ethanol plant to open South-West of Prince Albert; new plants to open soon near Yorkton, etc.

Stephan Bourget has employed an aggressive marketing strategy and built a strong team of professionals around him to uncover investment properties with good to excellent return potential.

Stephan Bourget's renovations are professionally managed from initial floor planning and design to interfacing with the General Contractor and ensuring a quality finished product.  All of his projects are permitted through the local government building inspection offices to ensure that all applicable codes are met.  His goal is to always provide the end consumer with the best value for the price. 

Stephan Bourget offers lenders the opportunity to earn high returns on their investment without the risk that is typically associated with high interest rates.  In addition to his experience, lenders are provided the additional security of a Promissory Note, a mortgage in their name on each property on which they loan, hazard insurance and title insurance.  The philosophy is to make lending to Stephan Bourget a safe and passive method of earning a high rate of return.

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