Sonya Simon (buyPOSHrooms)

207 Energy PKWY

Lafayette , LA 70508

Buy POSH Rooms is an entire package deal. You pick out the room and you get it exactly how you see it and we set it up to boost its potential. All is done by the Award Winning Designer Monique Breaux.

Get to know Sonya Simon

This company is for all real estate agents that want to add some style to their furnished homes. We will come and install everything in the room for you to boost the overall home appearance. Buy POSH Rooms was created by Monique Breaux. She personally selected all items and designed several of them herself to meet a niche in the market that was not being met. Monique is the principal designer for POSH EXCLUSIVE INTERIORS which caters to an exclusive clientele. Her projects include estate residences, penthouses, medical luxe suites, boutique hotels, resort properties, yachts and jets, just to name a few.


Specialities we offer is our high-end designers themselves. They know what you will need to get the most out of what you have. Monique Breaux, an award winning designer, will assist you in your room choosing and other special needs that you may need. Every designer is well qualified to advance the potential of your home. All in all you will be satisfied by every designer and their great personalities they bring along.

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