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Song San, Broker, MBA (Coldwell Banker Dynasty) Real Estate Agent



Song San
Broker, MBA
location_on Rosemead, CA — Coldwell Banker Dynasty
Coldwell Banker Real Estate LLC
Get to Know Song San

Song San has been learning and doing real estate since 2003 and got his California real estate broker license in 2009. Song was a technology executive and did consulting work for multiple multi-million dollar companies including Roll International, Discus Dental, Alchemy Worldwide, Suncal, Circor Aerospace,and Fox Interactive.

Song is very knowledgeable in all aspects of technology including desktops, laptops, servers, .Net programming, open source, web design, web programming, databases, and telephone systems. Even though he is very technical, he has a bachelor degree in business and a Master in Business Administration (MBA) so he can "think outside the box".

Some of Song's successes were able to help a startup go from $0/day to earning more than $25,000/day and helping their profitability by eliminating most of their inventory and using a "Drop shipping" method where the suppliers fullfills all orders, thereby freeing money to expand further. Song was also able to help a e-commerce company go from $200 million to over $1 billioin in 3 years along with helping a legal company go from $50 million dollar revenue to $150 million in 6 months.

His more than 15 years of directly working with marketing and sales along with his technology skillsmakes his ahighly sought after expert. What Song believe that makes him great is his ability to work well with anybody and his drive to look after his clients.

One great result, many ways to connect:
email: songsan2000@yahoo.com
direct: 626-674-2837
linkedIn: http://www.linkedin/in/songsan
twitter: http://www.twitter.com/songsan2000
web: http://www.a2zproperties.net

Connect with me through LinkedIn, follow me on Twitter, or go to my website.I have been building a large network of buyers, sellers, investors, and agents and currently have 2500 and looking into having more than 50,000 by end of June 2010. Join me so we can all make do business and make money together!


Currently I am focusing on the residential properties since I have many friends and leads that want to buy their first or second home. I am also getting into residential properties since I have a large group of buyers, sellers, and investors that I can tap on to take advantage of any great deals that I can find for them.

I really want to spend most of 2010 on making myself an expert in residential properties before looking into doing commercial properties in early 2012, even though many of my investories are trying to get me to help them. Usually I refer them out to agents on my network and help them behind the scene if needed.



I am a Broker/Realtor at Coldwell Banker located at Rosemead, CA with a strong Technology and Marketing background. Stellar record on making companies successful whether small or multi-billion.