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We are a family owned and operated company that believes in Honesty, and Integrity. We strive to incorporate these values in our lives and our everyday business. 

Honesty: We promise to give you an honest written evaluation that will be true to the nature of the home's condition. Integrity:  We treat every customer with respect and courtesy promising to conduct ourselves in a professional manner. We will be there for you after the inspection to answer any questions you might have. 

I am a CEHI (Certified Environmental Home Inspector) Certified to perform:

  Mold Inspection   Allergen Screenings   Environmental Data Reports

I hold the following certifications:

CEHI (Certified Environmental Home Inspector): with certification granted by ESP (Environmental Safeguard Professionals)  CMP(Certified Moisture Management Professional): with certification granted by NAMM (National Association of Mold and Moisture).  Level One Mold Assessor with ASPREI (The American Society of Professional Real Estate Inspectors).  EDR certification forNERs (Neighborhood Environmental Reports):  Ceritified Allergen Screening Technician.

A Member in good standing with InterNACHI.  As a member of InterNACHI I am required to follow strict guidelines in ethics and standards along with continuing education criteria.

InterNACHI has one of the largest and most active message boards on the Internet. I'll be the first to admit that I don't know everything there is to know about real estate. So if I find something that I'm unsure about, I can post a picture and a question on the message board and have information for my client within minutes. You're not hiring one certified home inspector, you're hiring a team of dedicated professionals trained in all aspects of home construction. Where else will you get this kind of service? Real estate never sleeps. Neither does the International Association of Certified Home Inspectors (InterNACHI).


Along with the thorough and complete Home Inspection that covers everything accessible from the roof to the foundation. I can also provide Indoor Air Quality Inspections for those concerned about the health of the home. This is a especially useful for people who suffer from air-born allergies or asthma and want to know that the home they are buying will not amplify their symptoms.

The CEHI program is a suite of services that together comprise "The Industry's Best in Class Inspection". The services are comprised of highly advanced and standardized on-line and automated procedural protocols developed in concert with each of the four premier participants in the industry (ESP, NAMM, EMLabs P&K and Porter Valley Software). I utilize an on-line system when delivering any of the CEHI program services.

You can be assured that I have obtained the training, certifications and equipment required to provide the program's services.

Only the top tier of existing home and moisture inspectors (approximately 3,000 - 5,000 nationwide) will become approved vendors of ESP to deliver the CEHI program services.

As a CEHI I can provide the following services:  

·         Certified Mold & Moisture Inspection (CMI): CMI is the new industry standard for Mold & Moisture Inspection process.  This field inspection is supported by a fully automated system that produces a standardized report by utilizing a tablet PC and a centralized custom software application.

·         Annual Mold and Moisture Maintenance (MMM): The MMM is a CMI that is scheduled on an annual basis. It provides peace of mind to the client and manages the liability of the insurance company.

·         Post Remediation Verification (PRV): The PRV is a comprehensive inspection performed after remediation and before any containment is removed. This will follow prescribed protocols that are based on the type of remediation performed.

·         Mold Samples: The CEHI is trained to collect samples based on the results of the inspection. The process follows strict protocols to ensure chain of custody and prevent cross-contamination.

·        Allergen screening: A service that offers a broad appeal in every community, with asthma or asthma symptoms and allergies reaching epidemic proportions.

·        Neighborhood Environmental Reports: Abridged phase 1 environmental assessments designed for residential properties.  These reports are written by trained environmental professionals with access to the largest environmental database in the world.  Upon request, the reports are delivered on line, usually within 5 to 10 minutes.

·        Hygienist Services that support the CEHI Network: The Certified Industrial Hygienist Services provide CEHIs with ongoing support and oversight, thus ensuring proper delivery of CEHI services.  Prior to release, the custom interpretive report is reviewed by a member of the Industrial Hygiene Staff.  This review ensures the client receives consistent and accurate information and "best in class" recommendations. The Industrial Hygiene Staff provides the consumer with consultation, ensuring that they understand the information contained in the report.  By understanding the pre and post remediation documents, it ensures that the work is completed properly to protect the consumer's health and manage the stakeholders' liability.

·        National Builder Moisture Maintenance Program (NBMM): The NBMM Program will provide protection on several levels.  The Basic Protection will include an initial Moisture/Mold Survey and Certified Report Document, which will be provided to both the Builder/Developer and the Home Owner prior to the close of the home purchase contract/escrow.  This will help to uncover any preexisting problems at the time of transfer of title, thus minimizing liability for all parties involved for up to a 10 year period.


I am an independent Certified Environmental Home Inspector serving Skagit, Island, and Whatcom counties. I specialize in the Mold, Allergen and other Air Quality inspections.