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Specializing in foreclosures, Bank-owned homes, REO property, Short sales.
Whether buying or selling a home, Todd Lindquist is your #1 choice Realtor in San Bernardino County. www.socalhomelinks.com

About Me:

 You're About To Discover How You Can Sell Your Home At Its Current Market Value, Avoid Foreclosure, Save Your Credit And Owe Your Lender Absolutely Nothing - For FREE!

 With an expert's help, a real estate short sale will help you avoid foreclosure and save your credit-and cost you nothing.

Let me explain...

Perhaps you've already heard about the free home selling strategy most commonly referred to as a real estate short sale. Well, if you've got a few minutes to read along, I'll show you how practically anybody can easily use it to avoid foreclosure and the devastating credit damage that comes along with one.

Let's be clear... you must stop foreclosure. A foreclosure will cripple your ability to obtain credit for years to come. You can avoid all of this turmoil for FREE by acting quickly, and smartly!

You might already be in a situation where you can no longer afford your mortgage and are facing foreclosure. If that's the case, a real estate short sale is the perfect solution. In fact, your bank would actually prefer a short payoff or a "short sale" on your home as opposed to a foreclosure. This is because foreclosing costs them more money.


When a bank forecloses on your home, they must pay to manage the property until they can sell it. That means hiring service providers to mow the lawn, repair & replace broken or missing items such as windows, appliances, new door knobs and locks, garage door openers, etc.

And guess what?

When it eventually does sell, it's often for less than they would have received through a real estate short sale.

Your bank would prefer not to foreclose on your home, knowing that a properly
executed short sale can save them money.

WARNING: Be careful because your bank will move quickly to begin the foreclosure process including sending a U.S. Marshal out to remove you and your belongings if the short sale process becomes a hassle for them which sadly, happens all too often.

A big reason there are so many foreclosures on the market is because 1) many home owners, not being fully informed of their options, never even attempt a short sale and 2) many home owners hire typical real estate agents who claim to be an "expert" like so many others these days but who aren't able to manage the complexities involved in the short sale process and simply fail. It happens every single day! When the process becomes a hassle because your agent is ill prepared, the bank will foreclose - period.

I'm going to share with you critically important facts and strategies for doing short sales that will ensure you get your short sale done properly and without a lot of hassle. When attempting to execute a real estate short sale you only have one chance to get it right, that's why working with an experienced team of real estate professionals is crucial.

My name is Todd Lindquist and I've helped people just like you avoid foreclosure, save their credit and live to fight another day. I'm certain that my strategic advice and counsel, if applied, can work miracles for you and your family also.

Since beginning my real estate career in 2005 I've helped many families sell their homes quickly and with the least amount of hassle using powerful home selling strategies including real estate short sales.

In the process, I've learned a lot about banks & buyers. I've also learned how to quickly identify and avoid typical real estate agents - the kind who can come along and mess up a perfectly good transaction and I'm going to share it all with you right now including the good, the bad and the ugly!

The advice I'm providing will help you with your particular situation but only if you're willing to follow my instructions exactly however, before we get started, I need to say something that may be extremely important right now in helping you pull all of this off.

If you're already behind on your payments, stop reading right now and call (909)589-4925 go to my webstie socalhomelinks.com or email me socalhomelinks@gmai.com 

You have nothing to fear, you'll remain completely anonymous and you'll have the peace of mind that comes with knowing exactly what options you have for the situation you're facing right now. By acting quickly, you can likely avoid foreclosure and save your credit.

For Valuable Information and a FREE, Zero-Obligation
Over the Phone Consultation Where You'll Discover Quickly &
Easily Exactly What to do in Your Particular Situation - Call me at (909)589-4925 or email me at socalhomelinks@gmail.com

You'll discover:

The critical questions your lender wants answers to before they'll even consider an offer from a buyer for your home. Why your lender will accept less than you owe and pay all the selling costs - if you know how to present your case.. How you can save your credit and erase your debt. Why banks don't want to foreclose on homes but do it all the time anyway. Insider secrets for generating strong offers in a weak market- critical for fast acceptance! Why most real estate agents will blow your one time shot. AND much more...

If your situation isn't yet critical, keep reading and in a few minutes you'll know exactly what a short sale is and how to make one the smartest thing you've ever done for you and your family's future.

The unfortunate truth is that you really can't trust the vast majority of real estate agents claiming to be short sale experts these days. They simply aren't qualified or experienced enough. Obtaining a top dollar offer in a battered economy while simultaneously managing the complexities of a real estate short sale requires an experienced pro. There's no other way around it.

While it is becoming downright impossible for rookies to pull off a short sale, it's becoming easier and faster for the pro's, making who you decide to work with critical. Banks have learned it's easier to foreclose and resell your home even if it's for less than they'd get through a short sale than it is to work with the average real estate sales person but... working with an experienced pro who can answer their four critical questions correctly will save them a ton of dough and they're willing and eager to do so.

Okay, now let's reflect for a moment on what history has taught us.

The last time the market collapsed in 1998 there was a greater balance of home sales to foreclosure filings. In other words, for each homeowner who defaulted on their mortgage, there was a person willing to buy their home.

We only wish that were the case this time around.

Right now in many communities around the country there are 3-4 new foreclosure
filings per home sale, making the job of selling homes much more difficult.

Most banks currently have a huge backlog of delinquent loans they are being forced to deal with because their original plan to "modify" these sour loans at the request of the President and United States Congress failed completely!

Having learned that more than two thirds of the borrowers with modified loans still weren't making their payments, the banks have stopped modifying and begun foreclosing with a vengeance - literally racing to get these bad assets off their books.

Banks do not want to modify your loan despite what the ex-mortgage broker and current loan modification expert who wants to charge you $4k for the privilege of postponing your foreclosure keeps telling you!

By the way, did you know that you can get FREE loan modification assistance through most states' HUD website? Unfortunately, that's also usually a big waste of time. Try if you must, but the clock doesn't stop ticking and I know what the result will be in advance; Weeks or months wasted and you'll still owe more than your home is worth.

Banks discovered that even with a modified payment more than two thirds of home owners were delinquent again within 12 months and many of them have stopped modifying!

Combine all of this bad news with the fact that just about every real estate agent and mortgage broker still in the business is claiming to be short sale specialist when in fact, most have never even done one successfully! In fact here's now a cottage industry of lawyers and ex-mortgage brokers charging thousands of dollars to help modify your loan - a service that can be obtained for FREE simply by knowing where to look.

Unfortunately these days loan modification attempts are almost always nothing more than a huge time wasting process just at the moment when time is what you need the most. Every time someone informs me they are going to have their loan modified (as if it's cast in concrete and a done-deal) it sounds like nails scraping on a chalk board to me and I actually wince with pain.

Why NOT sell now, save your credit and purchase a similar home just
down the street for half the price?

The systems and strategies for dealing with the dire situation in our banking system as it pertains to the housing market are changing very rapidly, particularly with regard to loan modifications and short sales.

Remember, more than half of the homeowners who did a loan modification were back in default within 12 months and facing foreclosure again! Despite what banks say in their public relations campaigns to keep the US congress off their backs, modifying your loan is the very the last thing they are interested in doing, and it only makes sense.

Here's a direct quote from a major bank's asset manager I spoke with in July of 2009:"Modified loans are pigs with lip stick. Short sales & foreclosures remove bad assets from our books..."

So, what do you do now?

The first thing you need to do is to discover if your situation even
qualifies you for a real estate short sale.

Here's some good news: I've qualified and approved more homeowners for short sales than you can shake a stick at and I've broken the qualification process down into a simple one-step, one minute process.Right now, you can learn quickly and easily if you qualify for a short sale by simply taking my 1 Minute Quick Qualifier...

If you qualify and think that a short sale sounds like the perfect solution for you but still have questions and want more information, I've made it simple for you to get a FREE, zero-obligation over-the-phone consultation with a local short sale counselor.

This free, zero-pressure, over the phone consultation normally takes no more than 8 - 10 minutes to answer all of your questions and helps you to relax a bit knowing that your questions have been answered by a local expert who understands your market place.

To Quickly & Easily Learn If a Real Estate Short Sale Is Right
For You In Your Situation Call (909)589-4925 or email me at socalhomelinks@gmail.com

Listening to this message you'll discover:

Why your lender will accept less than you owe and pay all the selling costs. How to save your credit and erase your debt. Why banks don't want to but will foreclose on your home. Trade secrets for getting top dollar in a not-so-hot market. Why most "typical real estate agents" will blow your one time shot at a real estate short sale. AND much more...

There's a lot of talk these days about recent laws passed in Congress on the IRS form 1099-c and how it might impact your income taxes - most of it is wrong, however...

You MUST consult with a professional tax attorney for accurate and up to the minute information. No real estate agent or advisor is legally allowed to provide ANY tax advice and the rules and regulations are changing constantly and quickly.

WARNING: Is Yours a Recourse Or Non-Recourse Loan?

The expert you want on your team must know the difference between a recourse loan and a non-recourse loan. Knowing these things can either stop a foreclosure dead in its tracks OR ruin your credit and cost you thousands! You'd be shocked to discover the devastating effects a recourse loan can have on you for the next 20 years if the bank forecloses on your home. You MUST avoid this.

If you have a full recourse loan, DO NOT let your bank foreclose on your home.
Instead, stop reading and call now!

You're in for real trouble if your agent doesn't know the re-course laws in your state and how the banks use them to their advantage. Do not expose yourself to possible financial ruin by working with an inexperienced real estate agent.

Don't Be a Guinea Pig. Most Real Estate Agents Don't Know How To Do a
Short Sale But Will Attempt To Practice On You!

How can this be? Because the vast majority of "typical" real estate agents don't sell many homes and are only in the business part-time. According to the most recent statistics I've seen from the National Association of Realtors the average agent sells less than 3 homes per year!

Would you hire an amateur pilot to fly you and your family across the ocean? Of course you wouldn't but that's exactly what most home sellers do when attempting to sell their most valuable asset... their home. For something as complex as a real estate short sale you really do require a pro.

There are critical steps to a real estate short sale and all of them must be done absolutely right or you will lose your home to foreclosure and destroy your credit!

Here's why,

The typical real estate sales person in business today doesn't know:

How to list and market homes in a battered economy. How to document their efforts the way many banks now require. How to prepare an accurate BPO (Broker Price Opinion), that will stand up to the banks scrutiny. How to construct water tight contracts as banks require. The 3 BIG mistakes that will cause banks to deny your short sale - critical! The secret to submitting short sale packages that gets them accepted and closed two to three times faster! The 4-Key Questions the bank's asset manager will demand answers to before he or she accepts an offer from any buyer.

A short sale professional can manage all these critical tasks perfectly and get the banks short sale approval every time. By now, I'm hoping you recognize the danger of hiring just any agent to manage your real estate short sale and that your best friend's sister-in-law probably isn't going to cut it.

Besides being an experienced real estate professional, your advisor needs to be a trained negotiator with a solid understanding of banking and loan underwriting NOT mortgage lending. The person handling your lender negotiations in this critical and final phase must be at a desk, near a phone, with your file nearby... all the time.

My rule is to keep in contact with your bank's negotiator in order to keep your file front and center and to keep the process moving along effectively.

Get Answers To The Most Frequently Asked Short Sale
Questions By Calling (909)589-4925 and I answer my own phone you will talk to me not some answering service a secretary who could care less about you  situation

So now you got it, right?

You need a real estate pro to get your home sold AND an expert bank negotiator who knows how to work with your bank toward a successful short sale versus foreclosing on your home.

When your short sale specialist gets to the top decision maker at your bank that phone call needs to be handled perfectly - the first time. Seriously, there are no second chances with the banks loss mitigation managers. They simply won't take time for amateurs.

At Realty World All Stars we understand real estate and banking and we already have relationships with many of the major banks asset managers. We know exactly what to say to each lender on each type of loan. Not only that, our computer is loaded with the names and contact information of senior managers and...

Since we have the direct contact numbers for senior loss mitigation manager's at most major banks and plenty of smaller institutional lenders we often can get your file approved more quickly, often getting them pushed to the front of the line.

I provide everything you'll ever need.

Experience selling homes in difficult market conditions. Experience negotiating with the banks loss mitigation and asset managers. The systems, structure and contacts required to get your real estate short sale approved and closed.

A real estate short sale actually saves your credit.
When done properly there's no foreclosure on your credit report or
any of the damage that comes with one.

With the help of an expert advisor you can:

Sell Your Home For Less Than You Owe The Bank. Get Your Bank To Pay All The Closing Costs & Other Fees. Avoid Paying Anything. Avoid Owing Anything. Save Your Credit. Erase Your Debt. Start Fresh - Immediately.

I hope this information helps you. I've provided this information so that you can make the very best decision for you. My philosophy has always been to provide people with the critical information they need to make informed and educated decisions so they can decide what's best for themselves.

I don't try to sell, convince, cajole or pressure anybody to use my services, I simply answer questions and provide the best advice I can based on my professional experience. The end result is that many people appreciate my advice and ask for my help, which in the case of real estate short sales is absolutely free.

Why not call (909)589-4925 and put me to work for you immediately helping you to avoid foreclosure at absolutely zero cost to you?

If you're not yet ready to discuss your particular situation with a professional short sale counselor it's no problem.

I totally understand.

If you're not quite certain whether or not I really know what I'm talking about.


Whether you're planning on buying, selling, or you just have a question, feel free to call today.  , Your online Todd Lindquist specialist for Inland Empire and High Desert homes.

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Thanks again and if you have any other requests for information regarding buying or selling be sure to visit my website at www.socalhomelinks.com call me at (909)589-4925 or email me at socalhomelinks@gmail.com




Specializing in, Shortsales, listing homes, and helping home buyers. Whether buying or selling a home, Todd Lindquist is your #1 choice Realtor in San Bernardino County. www.socalhomelinks 9095894925