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42 Thompson Street

East Haven , CT 06513

I am president of Meteoric Marketing Systems. What we do is help Realtors market themselves, their services and their properties on the web. And we are good at it. Our clients are consistently on the

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Do you want -- Strike that. Do you NEED more Real Estate clients?

Are you finding it difficult to get noticed in the sea of the millions of Real Estate Agents that are out there?

You don't have to be a Realtor in need of new clients if you have the marketing secrets that will put you in front of thousands of potential clients.

Our Meteoric Marketing System for Real Estate Agents will give you the edge you need to crush the competition. Within 30 days you can see a flood of new clients that are contacting you and want to work with you.

Let us show you how easy and affordable our Real Estate Agent Marketing System is. You will be amazed. Moreover, you will become more profitable.


If you are a Realtor And Seriously Want To Increase Your Income Starting Now, Here Are 10 Things You NEED TO DO In Order To Achieve Your Desire.

1) Determine exactly how much money you intend to earn this year.

2) Make a plan of exactly how you intend to accomplish your goal.

3) Write out your plan and  read it aloud every day, at least twice daily.

4) Realize, that in order to succeed today, you must have an effective Internet marketing strategy.

5) Develop your own personal website property or properties. It is not enough and not effective to simply have a page on your Broker's website.

6) Optimize your website(s) so that they are seen by people who are currently in the market.

7) Promote yourself as an expert in your local area. Pick one topic that you can corner as beign the most informed about. This will set you apart from the competition.

8) Actiively market your past clients too. You must be in touch with them at least monthly. The business that past clients generate can be astounding.

9) Set up a call capture system for audio tours. Display the 800 number prominently on all your for sale signs.

10) Lastly, and most importantly, you must BELIEVE THAT YOUR GOALS ARE ACCOMPLISHED. If you do not believe, you are already lost.


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