Teri Williams - The Side Kick Assistant (All In One Virtual Assistant)

378 Johns Rd

Holt , FL 32564

I am your ALL-IN-ONE Virtual Assistant. I can help get your business going, or just help take some of the busy work off your shoulders so that you can focus on the heart of your business.

Get to know Teri Williams - The Side Kick Assistant

I have worked for the same company for nearly 10 years.  I started with them when they ran their business out of their house.  When I started with Dr. Wind's School of Music.  I was hired as a part time virtual assistant.  I help with customer calls, bookkeeping, finding a location for their business, and helping with creating documents/website to get their name out there to their target crowd.  As a year went by and they were set up in their store they then had their private instructors contact me to help advertise for area of musical expertise, as well as bookkeeping and setting up their schedules.  By the time I left Dr. Wind's I worked for 40 private instructors, I was the Office Manager, yet still had the privilege of working out of my home.

I then worked for a wonderful Alternative Medicine Physical Therapist.  When International Wellness hired me, I was literally working with just an idea.  I had the honor of getting her business going from the ground up.  I started with just the Microsoft programs and grew to more complicated programs that we specialized in Physical Therapy.  With just a Excel spreadsheet in the beginning to record her bookkeeping information we then grew large enough to us Quick books which I set up for her.  When leaving Intentional Wellness she to was a thriving business.

I have experience working with realtor's and creating online presence for them.  As well as registering for the top realty sites to get their names out there I have helped with getting their Listings added to sites as well.  Some of the sites that I have used is Postlets, Point2Agent, LinkedIn, Real Town, Trulia and many others.

I did not leave these positions for better ones, and I would probably still work for these wonderful companies, but unfortunately I knew when the time came for me to give the reins back to their owners who would continue with the dream I had the honor to help make into thriving companies.  

*Please don't let my lack of Real Estate knowledge discourage you.  I am a very quick learner of programs and if I am not sure about something I have no problem asking questions.



Microsoft Office - I have used the ENTIRE Microsoft family at one point or another.  Word, Excel, Access, Power Point, Publisher, Groove and Info Path.  I currently run the Office 2007 Peachtree Accounting - I have set this program up and can run smoothly with it.  I have attended training class and can train people to run it correctly. Quick books Accounting - Again this program I have used to set up the accounting and have attended a seminar on it. Internet - I have done research on the Internet, posted to programs like Craigslist, EBay, and many more Internet sites. There are many more programs that I am familiar with and have used.  Feel free to ask me about one if you don't see it on my list but use it regularly!


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