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Shad Dennis
REALTOR® Associate/NJ & PA
Make Your Biggest Investment Decision Your Best!

In today's competitive real estate market, timing is everything. With so many discouraging reports in the media, people often ask me;

"What is my house worth?"

"Is it time to buy?" 

"What if I have something to sell first?" 

What if I have to sell because of a move?" 

 Unfortunately, the answer to all of the questions is, "It depends..."  If you want to know the straight answers for YOU to these and your other real estate questions, contact me via e-mail, cell phone, office phone or by this website.  You have hard questions, you deserve straight answers! 

I work hard to establish relationships with attorneys, reputable mortgage brokers, certified public accountants and other vendors to ease what is traditionally a difficult life transition.  You are not just a transaction to me.  You are a person who has specfic concerns, requirements and preferences. Some issues involve the sale of a home, but others don't.  While I am a real estate agent, I am also a human being and try to provide resources for other issues that come up during the purchase or sale of a home. One additional point, please don't give away your rights!  Remember that until you have a written contract (an agency agreement) with a Realtor, they represent the seller of the home, not the buyer.  Of course, any ethical Realtor will try to treat both the buyer and seller fairly, but don't you deserve the best representation you can get? Feel free to use the resources of this website and contact me for any of your real estate questions.   I look forward to helping you make your biggest investment decision your best!

I use my experience both in relocation and in residential sales to provide a rational frame of reference.  You may "love" a house, but is it going to be too close to the road?  Is it in a "good" school district?  Is it the style of house you hoped for with the right amenities in a price range that you are comfortable with.  My job is to get you to the closing table satisfied that you are making the right decision.  Either as a buyer or a seller.

For people considering selling their home, I start by helping them make a good decision as to whether or not to sell their home and if the answer is "yes" what is the proper price and marketing treatment for their property.

For people considering buying a home either as a first time home buyer or an experienced person, I add value to the process by helping you reach a decision based on a thoroughly examined list of your priorities.  Before you say "yes" to a house, I want to make sure you know why you are saying "yes" and then to actively manage the transaction to a successful conclusion (in your new home).


I enjoy working with people "on both sides of the river" I live in Lambertville, NJ but I am licensed in both PA and NJ as I think both sides of the river are outstanding places to live.