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Proudly serving the mortgage needs of the Lehigh Valley along with all of PA. From Sharon to Easton, from Meshopen to York. I am your source for FHA, VA, USDA and any other mortgage you may need.

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Long history (30+ yrs) of mortgage lending expirience on all fronts of the industry. A mortgage consultant who knows the 'in's and out's' of qualifying for not just the best deal. But the deal that will work for you long after you close on your purchase or refinance home loan. As was said in Dragnet, 'the facts, just the facts'. Thats what you'll recieve from a true mortage professional. Years of expirience have constantly reminded me of how much integrity in our bussiness plays such a key role in the longevity of a loan officer. Its important to a mortgage applicant to choose a loan officer who truely has thier best interests at heart. Of course they will hear all the 'catch phrases' like "available any time any place", "best deal for you", "lowest possible intrest rate", etc., etc., etc..... But when the smoke clears, the real question is did the applicant get the deal they thought they were getting. Or any deal at all for that matter. You need a true professional who can give you all the facts. Then provide you will constant updates on your mortgage application. No matter if the news is good, bad, or ugly. I belive that each transaction I am working on is the most important transaction I am working on. After all, generally, a mortgage is the single biggest obligation people undertake in thier life time. Its important to have a professional guide you through the process. Educating you along the way as to how the process works, and the hurdles needed to be overcome. I am that professional. I hae been on all sides of this bussiness. Sales, Processing, Closing, Funding, Secondary Marketing, name it, I've been there. What that means for you is that you've hired a individual who truely knows this bussiness inside and out, from all angles. Use me for your mortgage needs. You'll be more than glad you did.

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My expertise reaches virtually all types of mortgage transactions simply due to my expirience in the field. Very knowlegable in the conforming area with a deep rooted understanding of FNMA and FRM guidlines. Well versed in 1st time howebuyer programs as well as VA and FHA (governmet) transactions. Also specialize in those dificult, Non-traditional transactions. Your need is more than likely within my area of expertise no matter what type of mortgage you happen to be looking for.

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