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1st Choice Mortgage Resolutions is built on principles that prove that main street comes first. We work with homeowners to resolve their mortgage default matters. From loan modifications to short sales to stopping sherrif sales, we do it all! Our knowledgable staff are courteous, empathetic to your situation, and understanding of the emotional toll these processes take on individuals, couples, and families. It is our goal to help you to not only understand the matter you are dealing with, but to ensure that you are able to sleep better at night, knowing you'll still have a home to sleep in! 


I have been in professions that require working with people all of my life. I find working with individuals to be a rewarding and exciting experience, and find the rewards most satisfying. There is nothing better than a work environment where you KNOW you are helping families.

In 2003 I took a position as a loan processor for a small mortgage brokerage in Ocean City, MD. My aptitude for mathematics, combined with my ability to speak to anyone awarded me a promotion to Loan Officer after a few short months. I continued to study and learn the industry, providing substantial assistance to my clients, and was soon heading the sales manager where I was able to implement my "service comes first" ethics. After a successful run in this industry, I branched out on my own, working from home to help homeowner's and providing employment to other individuals who wanted to work from home.

In 2006 when the real estate market began to show signs of a downturn, I foresaw the need to help homeowner's with their mortgage default matters. As the "real estate bubble" began to burst and sub-prime lenders were seized by government or shut down, I turned my attentions to learning about the mortgage default/foreclosure side of the real estate financial industry. I began to pick the brains of some of my collegues and was turned on to a gentleman who had held a position as Vice President of Loss Mitigation at a large national lending institution that is one of the largest finanicial institutions in the world. It was from this gentleman, who rounded out my knowledge base of mortgage finances, that I learned the art of Loss Mitigation.

Taking my knowledge with me, my business partner (Susan Williams) and I started 1st Choice Mortgage Resolutions in January of 2009. To date we have a 100% success ratio, credited to our ethics and ability to negotiate at the highest levels in the finance industry. Our ethics and morals are the backbone of what we do, and it shows! Ms. Williams comes to 1st CMR with an amazing history of work in nearly all aspects of the real estate industry. Together we are an unstoppable team! We look forward to discussing your mortgage matter with you!

If you have any questions, or know someone who may be dealing with a mortgage default matter, please feel free to contact us! We are happy to answer your questions, point you in the right direction, or tell you how we might be of service to you! Contact us via phone at: 585-232-7998


Serving homeowners across the country with their mortgage matters. Helping to resolve/prevent foreclosures by obtaining loan mods, short sales, and other plans to keep homeowners out of foreclosure.