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     I opened Family Home Inspection LLC for a very simple reason.  I wasn't happy with some of the home inspection services out there and I knew I could do a better job.  When I bought my house I didn't understand what a home inspection was or why I needed one.  I mean after all, couldn't I just see everything that was wrong with the house?  I had been doing inspections in the Navy for many years already and I had a background in construction.  Well in the end, I gave in and let my Realtor suggest some home inspectors. (I still thank that Realtor for being so persistant)  My decision was easy; I picked the lowest bid from a large home inspection chain that employed numerous inspectors.  Well, you know what they say, if you get a $2 hair cut, don't complain later that you look bad.  I looked bad.  It turns out that there were several items the inspector either didn't inspect or just breezed over.  The money I had saved on the inspection, and a lot more, when into those repairs.  It was then that I decided I could do a better job.

     Family Home Inspection LLC has, as the name suggests, the family's best interest at mind.  I don't want what happened to me to happen to you.  I went to school, I read a library of books and I've trained with seasoned professionals who knew how to perform a proper home inspection.  Then, after retiring from a successful Navy career, I decided to put my actions where my mouth was.  At first I thought of working for one of the larger home inspection companies in the area but that quickly evaporated.  The main reason being was I simply did not get the impression that the home buyer or seller was not the #1 concern, making money was.  Hey, I want to make money too, but it can be done the right way, not the quick way.  I would sleep a lot better at night knowing I gave you a home inspection using my higher standards instead of the lower standards of some of the money first chains.

     Should you hire Family Home Inspection LLC, and as the owner and sole inspector of Family Home Inspection LLC, I can promise you that you will get my 100% effort, attention and the best job that I know I can do.  I have flat rate prices, no hidden charges and I would love for you to call me with questions before or after an inspection.  I won't take your check and disappear.  I will back up my report and my promise to you that you will get the best home inspection around.

     Even if you don't hire Family Home Inspection LLC, I'll still be glad to answer any questions you may have about the home inspection process and services.  I hope you decide to use our services but more importantly I hope your home buying or home selling process is a complete success.  Remember a home inspection is not just a job, "It's the next step to your dream".


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A Virginia Beach Home Inspector that also serves Norfolk, Portsmouth and Chesapeake.