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Below is an interview completed by USA Today a year or so ago... If you would like ot see some current real estate results, you may search any of the major search engines for all Myrtle Beach Condo terms and look for oceaninvestments.com which is one of my latest clients. I have them number one for just about every term related to their business. Also, although they specialize in Myrtle Beach Condo Sales, I also have managed to land them in the number 4 position in Google "Today" for the term Condo Sales which has opened up a great deal of opportunity for them. If you need help getting your real estate web site to the top of the search engines, please read my book "Sem Gorilla" or send me a message and I'll be happy to help. Until next time, take care and I wish you all the success in the world with your business.


There are lots of firms promoting search engine optimization to clients ranging from small businesses to large.  Many of them target the people who try to "make a living from home" doing internet affiliate programs and search engine optimization is a dynamic and growing field.It's also a field that's pretty perilous to get into.  Search Engine Optimization ranges from "white hat" and legitimate methods of doing the deal, building relational link exchanges from web sites that are built for humans, all the way through to "hidden text" printed in 0.1 point type in white on white backgrounds and linkfarms and spamdexes. If you're serious about doing search engine optimization, you'll want to follow the "known good" industry practices, many of them pioneered by web designers like Randy Zlobec.  Randy cut his teeth doing internet marketing, and has taken companies from "black listed" to leading their key phrase categories in under six months, and most importantly, he does it by sustainable methods.There are dozens of ways to get you temporary traffic spikes, however the purpose of an internet marketing campaign isn't to just generate meaningless traffic, it's to direct people to content and information that's useful to them.  That means that a good search engine optimization consultant, like Zlobec, will take the time to go over your business needs with you, and set you concrete goals, not just for the initial surge of traffic, but for the long haul as well.  Zlobec's model, of doing search engine optimization for people, rather than web spiders, keeps him in the Rolodexes of a lot of large companies, like Hewlett Packard and others.In a recent interview, Zlobec said that he's looking to get out of the "move the family every 6 months for the new gig" routine.  With two step-children and a new son in the family, he's come to the realization that more money isn't always the same as more happiness, and he's looking to take on some lower profile contract work, ones where he can do the consults over a weekend or two, and deal with a focused range of products, rather than try to, in his words, "Cram the entire Sears catalog into four AdWords."  Zlobec said that he's gotten past the "I'm 25 and willing to work 90 hours a week to prove that I'm the top dog" phase of his life.What this means for the smaller businesses is that they can turn to someone with some serious expertise in the area, if they can come up with a challenging product.  Now, Zlobec's experience doesn't come cheap, but he does provide a proven track record, and knows his stuff.  If you're serious about building your business' search engine presence, contact him, and see if you can catch his interest.  (Randy, to be fair, also refers a lot of business to his competitors, if he feels that the project doesn't match his current available time, or areas of interest.)

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