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Roberta LaRocca, REALTOR®, Broker, Salesperson, NV. Lic BS.507 (Simply Vegas Real Estate) Real Estate Agent



Roberta LaRocca
REALTOR®, Broker, Salesperson, NV. Lic BS.507
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NV. License BS.507
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Before moving to Las Vegas and becoming a REALTOR®, my personal experience was as a successful multi-unit owner of a customer service focused business.  Actually that experience started as a small child, as I was raised in my father's business long before having my own. Those years as a businessperson also made me very aware that being successful and providing good customer service goes beyond Monday to Friday, 9 - 5, as any communication, swift action, or other issues that may arise need to be handled promptly.

During that time I also had my own residential and commercial property holdings, making the transition to becoming a Las Vegas Real Estate Professional a natural choice.  On multiple occasions I've been on both sides of negotiations for personal, business, and income properties, along with remodeling, or new and custom home construction.  I truly understand the consumer side of buying or selling a home, or from the point of view as an investor.  Combining that life experience with my higher education in business at Duquesne University allowed me to test and obtain a Nevada Brokers license in addition to Salesperson and Property Management.

Why give it all up and relocate to Las Vegas? Living in Pittsburgh, I always dreaded the weather of the northeast. I wanted to escape the cold and snow, humidity, rain and gloom, as you only live once. My dream was to always move west, but to be honest, Las Vegas was scratched off my list. Like so many of the tens of millions of others who visit each year, the only thing I saw was the Strip or Downtown, leaving me with the impression that there's nothing to do but hang out in casinos. Throw in the fantastic marketing of the Las Vegas 'Brand' and the way the city is typically portrayed on TV, in movies, or the media, just reinforced that thought.

Fortunately my better half had a business territory in the southwest and later did many trade shows here, and knew what was hidden beyond all those bright lights. I was so surprised to discover the many amazing neighborhoods offering such a variety of lifestyle options. Plus recreation with community centers, parks, pools, a variety of sports, boating, amazing hiking, biking, and horseback riding trails, even skiing and snowboarding, along with some fantastic weather to enjoy it all. Then there's all the natural beauty of the desert and mountains to explore. Oh, and yes, we also have all that entertainment, shopping, and dining of a world-class resort, an truly international airport with so many reasonably priced destinations, all in what is a relatively small city.

Of course my middle school aged sons were a bit apprehensive about leaving friends behind, but quickly made new ones. With Las Vegas being a true melting pot, with so many nationalities in the hospitality and entertainment industries, they benefited from being exposed to so many cultures. With the technology offered with online classes, my younger son was able to graduate a year early and begin college courses. At 22, he has been able to purchase his first home, a two year old resale, and doesn't have any desire to live anywhere else.

My parents also came with us to help with our move, but only planned to stay a month or two. My father was firm in his roots and family in PA. Oddly enough, they never left, purchasing a home in what had once been his passing dream to live in a Sun City. Now he cringes at the thought of living through that awful weather, wondering how or why we survived it. As he now says, we just accepted everything there as normal, because we didn't know what was really out here. The same has been true for other family members who have since made their own move, for not only the better climates of both weather and taxes, but the career opportunities and better living we've all found in the Las Vegas Valley. It's been the best move any of us could have made, and the only regret is not to have done it sooner.


Simply put, whether you are buying or listing a home in the Las Vegas Valley, my specialty and expertise is offering my clients the customer service and attention they need and deserve.

I've represented a wide variety of clients, either as their Buyer's Agent or Listing Agent, and over time, possibly both. This has included local, national, and international clients, and has ranged from family homes to Luxury, vacation or investment, and new homes from various builders. The one common thread they all share, is that their individual needs were all different. That is why it's so very important to have someone who takes the time to offer the information and guidance for your specific situation. That is what I feel an agent is truly about, being your representative for your interests, not a salesperson out to make a sale...any sale.

It's really all about your own personal tastes, and the best example is with some of our local celebrities and executives, who can live anywhere they'd like, and they do. You'll find they've all made their choices to fit their individual lifestyle, from style of home and community, to location. Marie Osmond lives in a gated Henderson community, while Carlos Santana, Terry Fator and others live in gated communities in various neighborhoods spread out in the 22,500 acres of Summerlin. Penn & Teller both have homes in non-gated rural preservation areas in the southwest valley, and in a similar styled equestrian community a President of Caesars lives just up the street from my Henderson home. The former and current mayors of Las Vegas, Oscar & Carolyn Goodman, along with Holly Madison and a certain unnamed Oscar winning movie actor I know all live in the older Scotch 80's area just west of downtown. Yet Celine Dion, several executives and TV personalities live in Lake Las Vegas in far east Henderson. I could go on, but I think it gives you an idea that the best place to live is what works for you.

You'll often hear people say, or read on the Internet, that Summerlin or Green Valley is the best place to live in Las Vegas, or to avoid North Las Vegas. As you just read, Summerlin, a Master Planned community, covers a lot of territory, but it has also become a generic term for just about anywhere on the west side. Green Valley? Well there 3 of those Master Plans by that name, but again that has become the generic term for the roughly 107 square miles of Henderson. North Las Vegas, just like you'll have about anywhere, has it's share of desirable neighborhoods and some you may not care for. The whole point is that often the borders of one Master Plan, city or the unincorporated county, just overlap and you may not even realize it. For example, the famed Las Vegas Strip isn't in the City of Las Vegas, it's in unincorporated Clark County. Summerlin is partly in the City of Las Vegas and the unincorporated county. The Las Vegas Valley covers roughly 600 square miles, so I don't recommend basing a home search on what someone else may like or dislike. It's all about how YOU feel, not what I or anyone else may prefer.

As your Buyer's Agent I offer you my experience, availability and communication, 7 days a week and beyond 'Banker's Hours'. I find it astonishing that in this age of communication at our fingertips, that there are those that only do Monday - Friday, 9 - 5. That may work for them, but I feel I'm working for you, and to act in your behalf I need to be available when you are. I also need to stay informed of any changes in your search, answer any questions that may come up, or quickly submit offers or responses to any issues that may arise. We have the technology... well at least I do, including a fully networked and backed up home office to be able to provide that after hours service.

For new homes in Las Vegas, of course you can go straight to a builder, but understand that those agents work for the builder, not you. There isn't any real deal to be had by buying direct, you just won't have your own representation like you would in a normal resale. This isn't in any way saying a builder's agent is there to rip you off, but it's pretty doubtful they'll want to show you what other builders may offer, or in some cases, what that builder may offer in another location. I'm also there to answer your questions, or question anything that may not seem right. I have had buyers that originally went on their own, and because they didn't fully understand what they were signing and didn't know what to questions, later had to cancel and lost thousands in earnest deposits. I was able to introduce them to other builders they didn't know existed, and in areas they liked even more, and at excellent pricing. I can also come in handy to make sure the construction and paperwork is proceeding on schedule, or making sure little details are covered. Something like a bathroom door not hitting the toilet or other things like that could possibly turn up. While of course there is a builder's warranty, it's probably a little more convenient to have items like this corrected before you move into your $300,000+ home.

Also a note about buying new homes in Las Vegas:

If you register online, even just to request more information, or visit a builder's home site without your agent or having them pre-register you, you are likely giving up your right to have your own representation. Always have a buyer's agent in place first.

Listing your home in Las Vegas, you'll want many of the same services as a buyer. Communication to respond to other agents for both showing or making an offer on your home. You surely don't want to lose either because your agent isn't available all weekend and these buyers are ready to make their move. You'll also want to have someone to answer any of your questions about an offer, so with that experience you can make your best decisions. Plus it all starts with properly presenting your home to attract buyers and their offers. That's why quality photography is so important, especially with so many sorting through homes for sale online. Working with buyers, I know they're turned off by the fuzzy, dark, distorted from a cheap lens, or the drive-by with car window frame in view and other cell phone shots. Yes, and have astonishingly seen this even in some million dollar plus homes. Then there are the pictures of decor that the agent really likes, but doesn't come with the house, the cutoff shots from a narrow field of view, or another favorite, 'Where on earth is this in the home' shots, that leave a potential buyer confused and taking a pass from bothering to even look at the home. Quality images are not only clear and appealing, but need to be done to show the flow of the house from room to room. Combine those with proper descriptions and marketing and you'll attract much more interest. Yes, any ol' agent can toss your home out on the multi-list and plant a sign in your yard, but your results can widely vary.

So why Simply Vegas, with offices in Summerlin and Green Valley, and not some national brand? Well, I've been with one, and that answer is really simple. It allows me to invest in you, and not a brand, which in my opinion is much more important for your best results. I've never had a home buyer ask to only see homes listed by select real estate brands, and I don't feel that a brand necessarily equates to service you'll receive. Just as in any profession, it's the individual who is directly providing your service. One server in a restaurant may be awful, another fantastic, and the same for doctors and lawyers, or mechanics and plumbers. The same is true with real estate agents. With Simply Vegas I'm able to provide you with the level of service I've just described, and for a reason. I'm not paying massive fees for a broker using someone else's 'franchised brand name', ads to promote their brand and not you, or even big logo balloons filled with a lot of hot air. That business model relies on volume, which in my experience and opinion, doesn't equate to individualized attention or being able to offer you the best support.

It's no wonder that the Simply Vegas business model has attracted many of the top agents in Las Vegas and has become the highest grossing boutique brokerage in the valley, all without seeking the highest volume of agents. I'm provided with support from the agency, not lost in a crowd, and neither are you. As one of my new homeowners recently said, "I really appreciate your personal touch." This after he had worked with several other agents over 3 years. We would also meet at his convenience, at homes or other locations, and most of his work I did from home. When we finally met at our Green Valley office, he was in shock and awe. "Wow! This is a VERY professional office, from the receptionist to the feel when you walk through the door!" That was later followed by "You sell million dollar plus homes here, and mine didn't cost that much. And you still helped me?" I replied, "Yes, and you still had the million dollar service, and it doesn't cost any more."

That's the way I prefer to work, and I hope you allow me the opportunity to do the same for you.


As a full service REALTOR® in Las Vegas, I provide you with communication, availability, and the guidance you need and deserve. You'll receive professional service for buying or listing your home.