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  • It’s about protecting real estate agents

    First, I want to personally thank everyone who has taken the time to learn about Real Safe AgentTM. This system is  very close to my heart because some of the most important people in my life are real estate agents.

    Every time I would read a story about an agent being assaulted, raped or murdered I would get angry because I felt so powerless. Several months ago, I was reading an article about an agent who had been murdered. In that article, the author wrote about agents staying in situations where they feel unsafe out of fear of losing a sale. And the epiphany came…

    Agents need to protect themselves and their ability to earn a living. They need a discreet way to get assistance within minutes after they first become uncomfortable with a prospect. But, if the prospect turns out to be harmless, the agent needs to ensure that a request for help won’t inadvertently compromise the sale.

    Thus Real Safe AgentTM was born. The truth is that very few people will be a victim of violent crime. Unfortunately, there is no way of knowing who will be victimized, when it will happen, or where it will happen. And real estate agents are particularly vulnerable because of their high visibility in the community and the personal nature of their profession.

    Real estate is a unique business in that it is truly a community; and, as members of that community I believe we have a responsibility to help protect each other. Real Safe AgentTMempowers the real estate community to prevent crime and to protect itself so that agents can work the way they need to.

    Best wishes to all,

    Lee Goldstein
    Real Safe Agent, LLC

Real Safe Agent

Real Safe Agent allows every part of the real estate community to play a role in protecting every agent. MLSs, Realtor boards, and brokers can all have in house watch commanders who can monitor what’s going on when an alert is issued. Watch Commanders can even identify nearby agents and request they respond if no one responds within 30 seconds. Agents can respond to any nearby agent who requests assistance. Real Safe Agent empowers the entire real estate community to protect itself, while still allowing each agent to work the way they need to work.


Real Safe AgentTM is a simple but powerful security system that empowers the entire real estate community to prevent crime and to protect itself.