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I will take the time to educate your clients, and vet them so they dont waste your time.  If they have credit, or income stability issues, or any number of issues that can delay or prevent approval, dont you want to know that up front, before you spend a lot of time with an unqualified client, or looking at homes they cant actually afford?

I do things a little differently, focusing on what your clients really need, as opposed to what they think they want.  I will get them to understand that we need to look at their fully documented financial situation, to identify what is the best home loan lender, program and rate/cost package for them.  

By persuading them to take the time up front to let me review their full application and documents, we can head off potential credit or income verification problems, and avoid wasting their time and money!  The last thing you want to do is have a client pay for an appraisal on a deal that cant happen.  

At First Priority Financial, we have great tools to help with this process, Session Share, where they can see multiple rate/cost scenarios, Rate Alert to help them lock at the right time, and options of using our in-house bank, or over 40 lenders.  


I specialize in FHA, VA and conventional residential loans and re-financing in North Carolina.  In particluar, I focus on supporting realtors who want a smart process that never dissapoints their clients.  We go to great effort to avoid wasting their money and time on false starts. We get their information and documents in up front, so we can give them accurate rate quotes that are realistic for their entire situation.  

Because we offer very competitive rates, we find that educating clients and focusing on providing comprehensive guidance through the complicated process grows our business, and that of the realtors we parter with.  These days people appreciate truth and transparency.  


Responsive loan officer at nations largest mortgage brokerage. Our focus is on providing a thorough Pre-Approval that will withstand the rigors of today's lending environment.