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8100 Dallas Parkway

Suite 215

Plano , TX 75024

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     I am a former account executive for a national lender, now working for RealESpace and RateWindow.   I have experience with lenders, mortgage brokers and real estate agents.   I offer 20 years of sales experience and 30 years of overall business expertise.   What I can offer through RateWindow is the first and only truly transparent pricing engine on the web.   RateWindow brings real estate agents and loan officers together to provide the borrower total mortgage transaction transparency.   In addition, loan officers and realtors are linked when consumers search the web for transparent loan sources, which increases lead generation for both.   I offer free webinars for those who want to learn about transparent mortgage transactions in order to increase their production and sales.

     Now that we have the formal stuff out of the way, what I really do, or like to do, is twist balloons!   I've got six grandchildren who think balloon animals and balloon characters are the greatest in the world.   I don't do any clown parties, but I really love to twist balloons for birthday theme gifts, holiday gifts, make up balloon flower bouquets for husbands in the doghouse (which I get asked for quite often), and anything else that needs some fun or cheering up.   My wife has been getting balloon bouquets from me for years and she still likes it when I twist up a couple dozen and leave them lying on her side of the bed.   You can't get these balloon sculptures at any store, and it's taken me a few years to learn how to twist just about anything.   I can even hide candy in the characters and my youngest grandchildren still think I'm magic.   Don't want to kill the illusion until they get older.   Thanks for reading and looking.



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