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Robert DeLuca is your choice for luxury golf properties on the Monterey Peninsula. Over 25 years as a golf professional...No One Knows Monterey Peninsula golf properties like DeLuca.

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Robert DeLuca brings a wealth of experience in the local market.  Being a golf professional for 25 years has afforded him the opportunity to gain inside knowledge on luxury golf properties on the Monterey Peninsula.  Robert is a member of the DeLuca Team.  Together, this dynamic team works with buyers and sellers giving them expert advise and counseling on the Market on The Monterey Peninsula.  They put the client first, business second.  Listening, learning and catering to a client's every need.  The goal is to insure that clients make decisions based knowing every step of the way, what will be in their best interest.


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The Monterey Peninsula is unique and each city has it's own personality.  Robert will ask all the right questions to help you find the property that fits your lifestyle.  When selling a home, your motivation for selling and end goal will be examined to help you get top dollar for your home.


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