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S.A.F.E. Money Concepts is one of the leading financial networks in the country. Founded by Robb Soria( first OFFICIAL Hispanic Advisor in the United States since 1972). It is comprised of many top financial consultants across the country.

We specialize in showing why MOST people should NOT contribute to tax deductible plans like IRAs. 401(k)s, 401(b)s, etc. and especially why they shouldn't be investing directly in the stock market.


What we advocate is contributing after taxed dollars into special section 7702 plans. Some of us use the term "Private   or Family Plan"

Call his office for a  1 hour no cost/no obligation introduction.  He provides a free presentation of what you are currently doing and how it compares to his approach. You will be AWED...GUARANTEED.,, and, only leave asking why other financial advisors and accountants have not shared this with you !


For over 40 years, Robb and many of his associates are showing thousdands of business owners and professionals and their employees why the The Family Plan is in most cases a MUCH better way to accumulate funds...whether for college funding, retirement planning...or just putting money away for long range goals...


In 2008 the national average loss of retirement plans was nearly 40% ! On Thursday, August 4th,2011 the market took another dive...thousands of people...of all ages have suffered huge declines within their 401(k)s,IRAs, 529 plans, etc...THERE IS A BETTER WAY.  http://smc.thefamplan.com

In his many years of operaration, Robb's clients have NEVER lost one penny ! In fact, his clients have guarantees on both contributions and earnings..and access to your  cash values balance...ANYTIME..for ANY REASON... and there is NO penalty or income taxes ..before or during retirement !


And..as of May,2011 we are introducing a plan tha allows LLCs, LLPs, and Sub-chapter S corporations to use pre-tax equivalent dollars to supplement 401(k) plans ! Now, owners of these type of businesses and key employees can benefit ! In addition, we can now show how to fund key man, buy sell agreements, and provide estate tax liquidity with pre-tax dollars !

Call Robb : 847-284-8603

In January, 2012 we introduced the first "retirement plan" that is "paid up" in 10 years !  All income is INCOME TAX FREE and all contributions and earnings are guaranteed NEVER to be lost when the market goes down ! 


Leading specialist in showing people how THE BEST way to save money..for paying off a loan/mortgage, retirement, college, etc. STOP CONTRIBUTING TO 401(k)s, mutual funds, IRAs...USE THE FAMILY PLAN