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Welcome to the 1st Continental Mortgage FHA home loan program options. We're very excited that you've elected to give consideration to the very real and many benefits the FHA home loan has to offer the average homeowner and home buyer.

Did you know, the FHA home loan provides more security to homeowners than ANY other mortgage program today. In cases of financial difficulty, you have a higher probability of NOT losing your home if you have an FHA home loan Vs. having a conventional or Sub-Prime mortgage loan. Plus, all FHA home loans are FULLY assumable, adding one more layer of protection for you and your family!

Maryland FHA Limits

MSA Name County Name One - FamilyTwo - FamilyThree - FamilyCUMBERLAND, MD - WV (MSA) ALLEGANY$200,160$256,248$309,744BALTIMORE - TOWSON, MD (MSA) ANNE ARUNDEL$362,790$408,616$496,449BALTIMORE - TOWSON, MD (MSA) BALTIMORE$362,790$408,616$496,449BALTIMORE - TOWSON, MD (MSA) BALTIMORE CITY$362,790$408,616$496,449WASHINGTON - ARLINGTON - ALEXANDRIA, DC - VA - MD - WV METROCALVERT$362,790$464,449$561,411NON-METROCAROLINE$200,160$256,248$309,744BALTIMORE - TOWSON, MD (MSA) CARROLL$362,790$408,616$496,449WILMINGTON, DE - MD - NJ METROPOLITAN DIVISION CECIL$292,685$329,656$400,517WASHINGTON - ARLINGTON - ALEXANDRIA, DC - VA - MD - WV METROCHARLES$362,790$464,449$561,411CAMBRIDGE, MD (MICRO) DORCHESTER$200,160$256,248$309,744BETHESDA - GAITHERSBURG - FREDERICK, MD METR FREDERICK$362,790$464,449$561,411NON-METROGARRETT$332,500$374,500$455,000BALTIMORE - TOWSON, MD (MSA) HARFORD$362,790$408,616$496,449BALTIMORE - TOWSON, MD (MSA) HOWARD$362,790$408,616$496,449NON-METROKENT$248,588$279,988$340,173BETHESDA - GAITHERSBURG - FREDERICK, MD METR MONTGOMERY$362,790$464,449$561,411WASHINGTON - ARLINGTON - ALEXANDRIA, DC - VA - MD - WV METROPRINCE GEORGE'S$362,790$464,449$561,411BALTIMORE - TOWSON, MD (MSA) QUEEN ANNE'S$362,790$408,616$496,449SALISBURY, MD (MSA) SOMERSET$249,840$281,399$341,887LEXINGTON PARK, MD (MICRO) ST. MARY'S$289,750$326,350$396,500EASTON, MD (MICRO) TALBOT$282,150$317,790$386,100HAGERSTOWN - MARTINSBURG, MD - WV (MSA) WASHINGTON$286,900$323,140$392,600SALISBURY, MD (MSA) WICOMICO$249,840$281,399$341,887OCEAN PINES, MD (MICRO) WORCESTER$332,499$374,498$454,998