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I love helping families... Whether first time buyers, move up buyers and sellers or assisting in the design of your new dream home we can use our 20 plus years to help navigate the home buying process. From groundbreaking to financing and finally to settlement, specializing in new construction we will help you get it DUNN.

And as a part of Keller Williams, the #1 Real Estate Company in the country we have commitment to do the right things for both our associates and our clients.  Check out below this inspiration sotry of how Keller Williams agents band together.  The commitment we have for our associates is the same commitment we have for our clients.  Do the right thing and get it DUNN


Keller Williams Realty Greater Des Moines RISES ABOVE unethical business practices in TRUE CULTURE!


Today at Keller Williams National Convention appropriately called Family Reunion, one of our newest market centers, Keller Williams Realty Greater Des Moines learned that they are indeed a part of a true family.


It seems that in March 2012, a long standing Real Estate firm, Burnett Realty, an independent, 37-agent firm founded in 2000 made the move to become Keller Williams Realty Greater Des Moines and immediately, the areas oldest and largest competitor, informed Burnett that they would not be paying the written and stated co-commission listed in the Multiple listing service to Keller Williams buyer agents. Now any other real estate company would simply say they would not show the listings if they were not going to be paid, but that is not the Culture of Keller Williams.

As a company whose very principals are God, Family, and business in that order, Keller Williams agents decided that rather than deny the buyers access to all the homes available or hurt the sellers that listed their homes with that competitor by not showing their homes they would not be compensated to sell, they as an office made the decision to sell them anyway fully aware that other competitor is withholding the commissions pending the outcome of this lawsuit and investigations.

So once Keller Williams top officials got wind of just how this office is truly displaying the true CULTURE that is Keller Williams, a plan was put into action to make sure these extremely CULTURAL agents would soon learn what it means to be family members in Keller Williams.

2 very special ladies, Tabby Oldham from our Keller Williams Realty Shawnee Mission office and one other to be announced later came together to hatch a plan to raise $80,000 from all the Regional Offices Nationwide to bring 58 agents of the Keller Williams Realty Greater Des Moines office to Family Reunion in Dallas this week. Next, their story became the highlight of our closing ceremony called Inspirational Brunch.

It was at this Inspirational Brunch that these wonderful KW family members, brothers and sisters, were introduced and their story was told. It was then that our leadership asked all 10,500 agents in attendance to dig into their pockets and help make our brothers and sisters whole. There was no hesitation. And in less than 1 minute, $107,684 and another $36,200 in pledges were raised to replace the over $100,000 in withheld commissions and these agents that made the CULTURAL and RESPONSIBLE decision to sell homes that they knew had nothing in it for them but the satisfaction of knowing they were doing right by the buyers and sellers, were completely made whole by their Keller Williams family.

This is the CULTURE that is Keller Williams. Our motto is Do the right thing no matter what. We firmly believe that by always taking the high road, good will always come to us.

751 Hickory Limb Circle




Sales Volume Awards HBAM  1991-2012

Sales Person Of the Quarter 1996, 1998 1999

Top Dog Award 2011

Rising Star Award 2013

Laura Antalov
Angela has a never ending energy and enthusiasm for helping people find just the right home - and then finding a way to make it theirs! She is friendly, knowledgeable and did I say energetic? ;]
Toria Livingston
Angela is absolutely great! My husband and I was working with another agent and felt that he did not have good communication so we decided to contact Angela. We love her! Within a few days we saw over eight houses and currently have a pending contract on a house. She is knowledgeable, flexible, and kept us in the loop throughout the entire process. Would definitely recommend her to anyone that is in the process of looking for a new home.
Amy Woodall
Angela is great to work with she always is available at a moments notice to answer questions. She has been a great help to me through this process as this is my first time purchasing a home. After dealing with other realtors and not getting anywhere she was able to help me in ways they didn't. If you are looking for someone to get you a great home who will dedicate her time to you, you have found her!

I love helping families... Whether first time buyers, move up buyers and sellers or assisting in the design of your new dream home we can use our 20 plus years to help navigate the home buying process