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Get to Know Amber Bourland

      From the founders of our country to the people who settled and developed the Ozarks, one of the main traits they had in common was the desire for freedom, independence, the right to live their lives as they believed was best. It wasn't easy, it wasn't without sacrifice, but it was worth the risk. WE enjoy our freedoms today because they took the risks...

     I, too, believe very strongly in independence. From being able to worship as I choose and teach my children what I think is most important, to the way I run my company and my career... I don't think I need somebody in a corporate office making decisions about the way I should market my listings or what commission I should charge on them. I don't think someone who lives in a large city can fully understand the people and the area I am in, and therefore should not be telling me how to relate to my clients or "this is the way we want things done."

      That is why I named my company Ozarks' Independent Realty, and why I won't affiliate with a franchise. Decisions on marketing, commissions, pricing, etc should be made between the clients and their broker, not by some guy who has no clue about our area and even less about our people. Staying independent will allow me to work with each client and customer as their needs dictate, not as instructed by someone far away from the Ozarks.

     If you are looking to buy or sell property in the Missouri Ozarks, please give me a call. And if you are looking to buy or sell in any other part of the country and don't already have a real estate agent, let me know and I will do the legwork for you to find a suitable agent to assist you, and at no cost to you!


     I specialize in the marketing and sale of REO (foreclosed), investment, and residential properties.

Nationwide referral service to help buyers and sellers find the right agent to assist in their transaction, with no expense to the customer!


While I'm experienced working with both buyers and sellers, I specialize in the marketing of REO properties (foreclosures). I cover several counties in South-Central Missouri.