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David Rusch
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I am currently working with Legacy Exchange, specifically their Empire REO group, which is an REO asset sale advisory firm that assists these institutions with the quick disposition of REO assets nationwide. Empire REO has partnered with Bank of Commerce Mortgage for use by our clients in CA who need financing.

We have developed a proprietary transaction structure that allows banks to divest of troubled whole loans without realizing the resulting impact in regulatory capital associated with selling at fire sale prices. This structure simultaneously allows for the investor to keep the cost basis of acquisition considerably lower than competing bids, while winning more closed whole loan sales.



We have access to every REO in the country the second it leaves the appropriate Asset Manager regardless of servicer; Fannie, Freddie, and every other major servicer nationwide, weeks before those properties are on the MLS.


I can show you.


Want a sample in your area?


No problem. I'll even let you 'slow play' me if you like. Hold on to the sample and monitor it for the next month 'till it hits the MLS, or better yet convert it into a purchase free of charge.


Either way you'll prove my value.


Contact me here, or phone direct at 702 987 5434. Forgive me if you land in voicemail.  I will return your message.




David Rusch

Empire REO

Division of Legacy Exchange Group

702 987 5434