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*Monique L Fraijo Ramirez
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Unique Perseverance. If I could tell you who I am in two words, it would be Unique Perseverance. I have learned to make lemonade when handed lemons.

As a mother at the age of 15, I finished school amongest peers and then started my own Licensed Accreditated Family Daycare (23 children throughout the day). My life was full and blessed. When I decided to close my doors, to pursue my real estate career, my daycare parents cried in disbelief, and saddened by the news. 

Like many Realtors, I entered into my career when the market was HOT! Then it went COLD! When the market became bad, it turned to worse. I, was facing foreclosure and it was looking at me straight in the eye. The fear, anxiety, depression, anger, the sleepness nights, it's real alright, and I can understand today's distressed homeowner, as I have stood in their very shoes.

How could I let this happen? To me? To my family? I'm a Realtor! I would tell myself.

As a result, I became an advocate! Passionate to provide my wisdom, compassion, and help to as many homeowners who are facing foreclosure. There is no need for suffering, when there are so many options today to avoid foreclosure, and a door of hope to prepare for homeownership again.

YES! Owning again with no bank qualifying AND bad credit is possible today, even for you...today.

As a seller in today's market, you will need a FIGHTER on your side! A Realtor, who can think outside the box, and fight when all others are saying no, or giving up. Banks don't want to foreclose, and we don't want them to foreclose, so we FIGHT AND FIGHT some more...until no, becomes a YES!

Choosing the RIGHT FIGHTING Realtor to represent you in your distressed situation, is ESSENTIAL and PRICLESS, a rare jewel...because choosing wrong real estate agent could cost you EVERYTHING! Your family, your marriage, your job, your health, your self-esteem, and your desire to live.

WISDOM, SKILLS, and FAST ACTION is key and essential to TAKING CONTROL of your situation and GETTING YOUR LIFE BACK! If you are wondering what to do or where to go...look no further. Today you have found HELP and HOPE! Get your life back today and demand it back today! Knowing that I WILL FIGHT FOR YOU! TOGETHER, we can! Don't delay any longer...you need me and I am passionate on working hard for you...you need UNIQUE PERSEVERANCE. 



Education means nothing, if you can't share it or use it. I am blessed to be trained and mentored from within the best our real estate industry has to offer, along with taking that training and using it on daily basis.

Here are just a glace of my extended education since the market turned;

Certification by NAR as a Certified (SFR) Short Sale Foreclosure Resource Certification by Certified Distressed Property Expert (CDPE) as a Certified Distressed Short Sale Specialist Certification by Harris Real Estate University as a Certified Real Estate Owned (REO) VIP Specialist Certification by Harris Real Estate University as a Certified Broker's Price Opinion (BPO) Specialist Certification by advocates HR3648 as a Certified Distressed Short Sale Specialist Certification by Short Sale Association of America (SSAA) as a Short Sale Distressed Representative Strategic Real Estate Coaching, (Emerald Level Student) a 26 week of on going training for Realtors and Investors. A Member of Save 1,000,000 Homeowner from Foreclosure Student of Fortune Builders, Than Merrill's Educational Training from A & E's Flip This House. 

Serving the Distressed Homeowner in Southern California, while focusing on Riverside County, San Bernardino County, Desert Communities, Orange County, Beach Front Properties, and North San Diego area