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Get to Know Jesse McDonald is the definitive all-inclusive “one-stop” solution for ALL things Real Estate!  Through our unique and innovative online marketing and listing service, you’re able to:●      Sell your property, note, or contract                       ●    Purchase your next investment

●    Acquire new customers for your business             ●    Locate a products/services vendor to help you


●    Rent or lease your property                                      ●   Find your next rental property


●    Hire a new employee for your company                  ●    Hunt for a new job or career opportunity


●    Get rid of the used to make room for the new         ●    Find great deals on used merchandise


●    Promote your Real Estate Investor’s Club               ●    Locate & Join a Real Estate Investor’s Club


●    Offer education and training programs                    ●    Find and attend a class or training program supports the wants and needs of owners, sellers, buyers, investors, landlords, tenants, employers, employees, educators, real estate investor clubs, real estate brokers, agents, businesses and vendors, in anything related to the ownership, management, maintenance, development, provisioning, furnishing, servicing, employment, education, acquisition and disposition of Real Estate!





There are a number of online listing sites that cater to real estate in one aspect or another; however, there is no single online resource that encompasses the entire real estate spectrum to the level being developed by  Many of these sites are restrictive or proprietary in nature, and do not allow the general public to use their sites for their own purposes; for example, the MLS or multiple listing service.  There are other online listing sites that are available to the general public; however, these sites are generally limited in their offerings, are lacking in features and functionality, or have a membership fee structure that is outdated or unacceptable to the majority. provides superior marketing and listing opportunities to these restrictive, limited and outdated membership sites. is open to everyone for ALL things real estate.  Unlike some sites that charge you to register, or to take a peek into their offerings, we do not charge anyone to register or to search our site.  Why should you have to pay to search a site, just to find something to purchase through that site.  Our revenues are generated through advertising fees only.  While we do require everyone who uses our site to register, we do not share our registrant’s information with anyone.



RE4Cash is a nationwide one stop solution for all marketing and listing needs.