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Brian Rayl, Active Agent and Co-founder Of Home Value Leads (Home Value Leads) Real Estate Technology



Brian Rayl
Active Agent and Co-founder Of Home Value Leads
location_on Highland Park, TX — Home Value Leads
Get to Know Brian Rayl

Brian is a licensed real estate agent in Dallas, TX. In 2013, the inventory in his market began to drop and Brian started looking for innovative ways to generate seller leads. Working with a great real estate web developer, they developed a tool that worked so well that agents were demanding it. And thus, Home Value Leads was born. 

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As a real estate agent, Brian knows exactly what it's like to be down in the trenches. Brian is still active in real estate and continues to work with home sellers. It is this experience that has allowed Home Value Leads to become an amazing product because it actually fills a need that has been left by so many other products that were developed by programers instead of agents. Every idea is thuroughly tested on real potential home sellers to make sure that they work before they are implemented.

Mike Gardner
I wanted to give a testimony about my first two weeks of use for Home Value Leads. I had told a friend in Hawaii about HVL and thought it would be good for homes in a vary dif price point than Malibu. He signed up and started getting solids leads right away and so many in fact that he said that he either needed to turn the ads off or get a team to help! Truth be told I was a bit jealous! I was skeptical about the HVL being used in a high end market where it seems like everyone who owns a $2m to $10m home already knows an agent ( there are a ton in Malibu!) I started the program targeting Malibu Condo owners and immediately got responses and even some tel numbers ! The real surprise happened when some beach home owners started clicking on ads that only targeted condo buyers. I got one tel number from the owner of a $10m home and spoke to them directly. They asked for me to keep them up to date with sales info. They have even sent me thank you emails to the drip emails they are getting now. So now Im switching my campaign to target a broad range of people. I've learned that no matter what price point people's homes are worth or how many agents I think they know, people will contact you if you offer something they needs at the moment. I look forward to posting a picture of the first commission check I get from using HVL.-Mike Gardner Prudential Malibu Realty 310 699 8428
Tyler Hinderer
Eric and his company Home Value Leads have completely changed the game for my business. I moved to a new state and after a decade in Real Estate I found myself starting from scratch in a completely different market. Having no sphere of influence and doing the normal boring open house routine I started to get frustrated. Thats when I found Home Value Leads. Eric had my sight hooked up and ready to go within a couple hours and after less than one week of placing ads I already have one listing and another three appointments in the coming week. A $50 investment got me a listing which will net me about a $10,000 commission.I don't know where you can get an ROI like that in such a short time. Eric's customer services is top notch as well. Any questions I have he always answers very quickly. If you are tired of carting buyers around all day and want to start getting listings stop messing around and call these guys and get hooked up ASAP!!
Samuel Rifkin
Awesome program. I have tried out the competition prior to signing up with HVL and their is not any other company that competes. I love HVL so much that Im even considering signing up for a second site to set up PPC campaigns for distressed homeowners as well. Great customer support and the product continues to evolve and outpace the competition. I highly recommend using home value leads.
Peter Hauben
HVL is great! This lead generation tool is delivering. 2 weeks in I have one listing and another listing appointment today. I will increase my budget for advertising to drive even more traffic to the site since the leads are very very good!
Don Orason
The system just works! Great service from Eric and Bryan if you need any help with anything. Also, lot's of great help in their facebook group. I also like the many editing features that allow the admin to make the HVL website more "personal".
Lisa Hughes
Used many lead services over the 11 years in Real Estate and Home Value Leads are the best. As to customer service Eric and Bryan go beyond any other and set the standard above the bar for others. Definitely the best and they keep improving. All I can say is why haven't you joined yet!
Ron Tarvin
HomeValueLeads is a great company that keeps improving! Even without expectations of "upgrades", they have made the product better and better and they keep doing A TON of testing to lead the way to the best practices and best ads. I hear a lot of agents saying they can build a "seller capture site" and they probably can, but you can't build one on your own that continues to evolve and change with the way consumers want to be approached like the guys at HVL. Numerous transactions to speak of from the leads generated with their sites and many other conversations going on that will lead to even more business. It has also proven to be the most COST EFFECTIVE means to generate seller leads that I have EVER implemented! Thanks for the terrific support Eric and Bryan!
Brenda Mullen
Best lead capture for listings that I have ever seen or heard of. The customer service and support from Eric and Brian is phenomenal. The cost is exceptional for the product that you get. I highly recommend it!
Kelley Skar
I have found Eric and Bryan to be very giving of their time and it seems as though they are continually working to improve their system. We have closed transactions as a direct result from the ads we have run. Our last transaction translated into over $15,000 in revenue. Thanks Eric and Bryan! Love the product and I'm excited with where you guys are headed! Keep up the great work!!
Jolie Kehoe Abreu
Amazing customer service and very responsive, even at off business hours! My business has doubled due to HVL and I'm grateful to have found them!!
Lauren Perrault
Superb, PERSONALIZED customer service. Great tool with so many ways to find leads. Thank you Eric and Brian!

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